A forest full of donuts

In Vienna there are many places that have a very special history around their name. So also a forest in Grinzing: the Krapfenwaldl (the donut forest).

How this forest got its name and why donuts play a big role, I tell you today in the legend of the devil in the Krapfenwaldl.

The devil in the Krapfenwaldl

It was a carnival sunday when a young craftsman was wandering in search of work through the forest in Grinzing. He had been on the road for a long time and was very hungry. He paused for a moment, recalling that his mother had always given him fresh donuts on Carnival Day, his favourite food.

Suddenly he saw on a nearby tree stump a large bowl of fresh, still warm donuts. He did not wait long and ate a donut after the other until the whole bowl was empty.


He was just about to leave, when a small man fully dressed in black stood in front of him. He said, "Give me your soul and I will give you the rest of your life as many donuts as you want. You just have to call for it." Then it was clear to the craftsmen with whom he had to deal, before him stood the devil. But the boy was crafty. "Well, everyone can call himself the devil, you must prove to me that you are real. Show me your arts."

The boy asked the devil to become as big as a giant, and in the next second a giant stood before him. "Become as small as an acorn.", and the devil was already a small acorn. This one the boy snapped, put it in his pocket and ran to Grinzing to a blacksmith. There he grabbed the biggest and heaviest hammer he could get. He struck the acorn as long as the devil promised him never to lead him into temptation and disappeared forever.

The little forest in Grinzing, where the boy found the bowl of donuts, has since then been named Krapfenwaldl (donut forest).

So the next time you are in the area, maybe you'll find a bowl of donuts. But you know the price can be quite high.