A house without eyebrows

Vienna is known worldwide for its architecture. From imperial buildings such as Schönbrunn Palace to buildings of the present, which have been designed by renowned architects. Many of these buildings have their very own, often very moving, history.

A house that has led to pure horror in Vienna, I present to you today. It is the Looshaus in the first district at Michaelerplatz.

Splendid art nouveau meets simplicity

It all began in 1909. At that time the house was commissioned as a new business address for a classy clothing business. Vienna at that time was strongly influenced by the art nouveau with its lush, floral designs. Whether for buildings, furniture, fabrics, jewelery, art, .... Artists such as Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser, Otto Wagner and Egon Schiele shaped that time.

And then Adolf Loos was given the task to build this new house in the inner city of Vienna. What he then built the Viennese into the heart of their city put people in turmoil. They were terrified.

A simple functional building, no facade recognizable, none of the usual window roofing, simply a facade without "decoration". That’s why this house also got its nickname "the house without eyebrows" and many Viennese call it still today that way. By the way, it is said that even Emperor Franz Joseph wanted to avoid looking at this house.

In order to appease the Viennese again, they agreed on a compromise for at least a little decoration: flower boxes in front of the windows.



The Looshaus today

However simple the building is from the outside, its interior life is so magnificent. For here, precious rooms were created to establish a noble menswear shop.

Today you can find a bank here. The rooms on the ground floor are practically used for customer traffic. Therefore you can at least visit the ground floor free of charge. And make yourself a picture of the ambivalence of the house that emanates simplicity to the outside and shows splendor inside.



Michaelerplatz 3

1010 Vienna