A hustle and bustle in the underwater world

Vienna had a bold plan long ago: to become the center of marine biology research in Europe.

You do not believe me? Then read on, because this plan really existed and the "tracks" you can still experience everyday.

At the beginning there was the plan

It all started with an old, of course no longer in use, anit-aircraft tower (built 1942-1945). This was put together with the idea of establishing Vienna as the center of marine biology research. So if you now think, how that fits together, since Vienna is really far away from the sea is, you are right. It is not the most obvious idea. And yet, from these two ingredients, a genial fixed point has emerged in Vienna, the House of the Sea in the sixth district.

After the end of the Second World War, when finally peaceful times established in Vienna, there were still 6 powerful relics from this time, namely 6 very stable anit-aircraft towers, which were no longer needed for their real purpose, the air raid. Thanks to the task originally intended, they were more or less built for eternity, why tearing down was no solution. Therefore, one was looking for alternative uses.



And then the idea with the marine biological center was born. In 1957 a "House of the Sea", the first Austrian seawater aquarium, was set up in the tower in Eszterhazypark to become the "Center for European Marine Research". Over the years, a fascinating underwater world has emerged on several floors, which is constantly being supplemented by new aquariums and "inhabitants". This is an undertaking which is not so easy, because for every new aquarium the question arises again and again: What is the best way to get through meter-thick reinforced concrete?

Now the goal of becoming THE center of European marine research was not entirely achieved, since we were too far from the sea. Nevertheless, research in the House of the Sea has been able to specialize in a number of areas, and can thus also be among the leaders in worldwide research.

Today a colorful underwater world in the heart of Vienna

What awaits you in the house of the sea? A fascinating underwater world. Over 4,000 m², you can now admire and observe more than 10,000 marine animals. Especially the giant turtle and the sharks are the stars of the House of the sea.

Other highlights are definitely the tropical house and the Krokipark with its free flying birds and wandering monkeys.

What you should not miss is the ninth floor. Here you will find the Cafe Ocean 'Sky from which you have a fantastic panoramic view all over Vienna. So sip your coffee and enjoy the panorama.

Also interesting is the outside of the tower, this is rented to the Austrian Alpine Club, who runs a 35m climbing wall there. So you can climb up to the observation deck or take comfortably the lift. I personally prefer the lazy variant.

The house of the sea is definitely worth a visit, because it is really something quite unique. For me it is just fascinating.

You can find all information about the house of the sea on the website