A museum that will enchant you

It continues with special museums in Vienna. Today you will get to know one that will enchant you in the truest sense: the magic set museum.

Manfred Klaghofer has collected with love and passion, the greatest magic set collection in the world. How it all began, about this and much more he will tell yoou in today's blog post.

Shortly introduce your museum … What makes your museum so unique?

It is unique in the world and is also home to the largest collection of magic sets worldwide.

How did you get the idea to start this museum?

I searched for a suitable place for the collection. Then the opportunity arose in an old bakery which I myself adapted, not only to store but to present a part of the collection.

Why did you choose Vienna as location?

The bakery is in the house where I live, so this location was ideal for me.

Is there something special abou the location of your museum?

The museum is located in the immediate vicinity of Schönbrunn Palace and is only 300 meters from the underground station Schönbrunn.



Please tell us more about the history of your museum …

At the age of eight, I wished for Christmas a spellbook, it was followed by the first magic box, I became an amateur magician and in the mid 90ies I started with the magic set collection. This collection beacme the largest of its kind in the world.

3 words that descibe your museum …

Magic, boxes, fantasy

Where is your museum located?

Schönbrunnerstraße 262 in Vienna Meidling





Manfred's personal Vienna insights

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Great city that has everything you need

What do you like about the city?

Foremost the history of the city, for me the true Avalon to the highest architecture of the Middle Ages, St. Stephen's Cathedral, the musical classics, through to the Ring Road, Viennese cuisine and modernity.

My personal Vienna tip …

See all the small museums, those many district- and special museumes, many of them have even free entry

My favourite place in Vienna …

Stock im Eisen Platz

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

Many, because it is this diversity that makes Vienna so special.



Contact and location

Schönbrunner Straße 262, 1120  Vienna

Web: Museum of magic sets