A place to linger, the Cafe Diglas in Schottenstift

I have promised you, that I will write you here in the blog also about my personal Vienna tips or favourite places. So I begin with it today (I know many blog series start now, but that is the thing with  relaunching the blog completly...) and seduce you to coffee and sweets, something for which Vienna is world famous.

I am always looking for a good coffeehouse where you can just sit comfortably with a friend, enjoy good coffee, get fine sweets and enjoy the conversations. I have already a few favourite places, but I am really happy when I can add a new one too. And now I have found such a place, the "new" Cafe Diglas in the Schottenstift.

At this location there has been a cafe for a long time, but actually it was not very appealing, unfortunatelly.

Because the location right next to Schottentor and the University, and the huge garden in the courtyard would have been the ideal conditions for a very cozy place.

Coffee and cake at Cafe Diglas

Growth in the coffeehouse scene 

That is why I was even more thrilled when I discovered a short time ago that the cafe has now been taken over by the family Diglas, and now officially the Inner city has another Cafe Diglas.

Why I am so happy about that? Well, the Cafe Diglas is not only known for good coffee and an excellent quality of food, but it are the fine homemade pastries, which are something special here. I have been to the other locations of the Cafe Diglas and was always very pleased with the perfect combination of cozy atmosphere, coffee and food.

Last week I then also tested with a friend, the "new" cafe (or rather tasted). As the weather was fantastically beautiful, we were able to enjoy the garden, which got a complete overhaul too. Especially the garden is really an oasis of peace. It is located in the courtyard of Schottenstift and you are sitting under beautiful chestnut trees. From the hustle and bustle outside you do not notice anything inside here and so you can really leave the bustle of the city behind you for some time.

Cafe Diglas in the Schottenstift

Garden of the Cafe Diglas in Schottenstift 

Opening hours of Cafe Diglas

Sweet temptations are waiting 

Mehlspeisen im Cafe Diglas 

As you can see on the picture here, the choice which cake to take is quite difficult. For us it finally were the banana slices and raspberry curd pie. Both tasted fantastically.

As all the other pastries looked so temptating we took the decision that it is absolutely necessary to come back.

In short, if you are in the center of Vienna, and in search of a good, typical Viennese coffee house, then I can absolutely recommend you all the Cafe Diglas‘. And now with even one more lcoation right in Schottenstift.

Cafe Diglas im Schottenstift

Schottengasse 2, 1010 Vienna

+43 15125765