Alles Seife - all natural, all vegan, all sustainable

Today's blog brings you into the realm of the senses, as it is all about soap. That soap is something very special and precious, about that will tell you Claudia Schneider, owner and founder of the soap manufatucre "Alles Seife" more.

Shortly introduce your product…

Alles Seife handmade natural soaps and finest bath cosmetics from Austria

Aromatic and fragrant, natural and pure, mild and creamy - our handmade nature soaps are more that just pure and soft toiletries. They really transform washing your skin to a pleasant comfort factor.

All our nature soaps can be used of course for taking a shower too. Some special recipes bring very special qualities with them as they are perfect for washing your hair, shaving or peeling effects.

What is so special about your product?

If you choose Alles Seife products then you actively decide for products not tested on animals, natural ingredients without any synthetic substances, additives, foaming agents and mineral oils.

We really believe in the power of nature and do not use any artifical colour- and fragrances. Only 100% pure, natural essential oils, plant-based oils, herbs and spices - if possible bio and fairtrade.

How did you get the idea to make exactly this product?

About our own herb garden and the passion to honest, handmade products.

Why did you choose Vienna as location?

Because we are "genuine" Viennese and that with passion!

Is there something special abou the location of your company?

In the HEART OF VIENNA an olfactory enrichment: Our stand at the Naschmarkt.

With more than 110 shops Vienna's most important retail markt stretches over 20.000 sqm. Right at the beginning, near the Theater an der Wien, in between chees specialities, flowers and gherkins, you can find your soap stand.

And now for more than 8 years we have been contributing to the olfactory spectre.

On only 15sqm you find the whole Alles Seife universe concentrated. Here you can look, smell, indulge - and the best: you can try everything!


Marigold soap - Credits: Alles Seife / Clemens Loinger


Please tell us more about the history of your company …

Our small but very fine soap manufacture (manu factum; lat. for „made by hand“) was founded in 2002 in Vienna. Since then we produce all our soaps in a tradational way by hand.

That we won't get rich with that is obvious, but it is the passion that drives us. Going the way from the idea to the finished product, which pleases the eyes, skin and the soul.

We believe in a joyful, good life that is based on a responsible togetherness of the environment and our fellow human beings. That is why the principles of our manufacture are quite strict. But this makes creative and so you will find many products only with us.


If you want to contribute to a good life of us all then treat yoursefl with products from Alles Seife. You really get highest Austrian quality.

3 words that descibe your company …

Alles Seife - our values

Where to buy your products?

Alles Seife 1060 Wien, Am Naschmarkt Stand Nr. 54

Summertime Mo-Fr 9-19 Uhr, Sa 9-17 Uhr

Wintertime Mo-Fr 9-18 Uhr, Sa 9-17 Uhr


We look forward to seeing you in our Alles Seife shop!

Finally, Claudia Schneider's personal Vienna insights

Why I like living in Vienna ...

I was born here - in the last centry - as a freethinker

Vienna is my city, my home, my roots. I was lucky to see both of my children growing up here in this wonderful, diverse metropole.

What do you like about the city?

Multicultural mix, green, versatile from the vineyards to the Vienna Woods, from Liesing to the Lobau - Vienna has so many facets that each time surprise, overwhelm and amaze me anew. I can always discover even more new things here.  And the best is - everything by bike.

My personal Vienna tip …

The restaurants at the Danube canal and chilling out ther in a deck chair

My favourite place in Vienna …

In summer the Donauinsel 22 km holiday feeling!!!!!!!!

During the rest of the year I love hiking to small excursion huts like the ones to be found in Stammersdorf, Nußdorf, Lainzer Tiergarten or other various small huts in the Vienna Woods

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

Neni am Naschmarkt

You see, soap can be so much more than just an everyday's commodity.

The soaps of "Alles Seife" are really something special and you should not miss the shop on the Naschmarkt.

What is really useful, especially if you are in Vienna only for a short time, is that you buy the soaps right in the size you need them. They are cut directly from a large block.

A witty idea is the special soap line "Viennese for beginners". This is also the perfect small present bringing home from Vienna.