An insider tip for toothache

Last week I promised you that I have today the ultimate insider tip for toothache for you today. And this has again something to do with St. Stephen’s Cathedral and a very special legend: the "Zahnweh-Herrgott" (Toothache-God)

On the backside of Stephen's Cathedral in an alcove you can find a stone pillar on which you can see Christ crowned with thorns. Long ago, when there was a cemetry around the cathedral this statue got it nickname: Toothache-God.


The legend of the „Zahnweh-Herrgott“

And this took place the following.

Four fellows who loved to turn the night into day, and already shared many drunken nights, had yet another long merry night behind them as they made their way home. They passed by St. Stephens Cathedral and saw the statue of Christ. But what a sight met the four. Decorated With a crown of fresh roses which were tied on the head with a cloth he looked as if he had toothache. And soon, the four could not help themselvs to stop laughing as they were so amused by the Lord God having toothache.

Very amused, they started their way home. But the night was far away from restful. All of them were affected by hellish toothache that could not be relieved the doctor at all.

Only when all four went to St. Stephen's Cathedral doing penance at the statue of Christ, they were relieved of their pain.

Since then, the statue of Christ is lovingly reffered to as "Zahnweh-Herrgott" by the Viennese and even today religious people go there to come to pray for their recovery of toothache.

Zahnweh-Herrgott beim Stephansdom

So if you are the next time near St. Stephen's, have a look at this very special statue on the backside of the cathedral.

And keep this secret in mind, in case you get toothache.