Art meets architecture meets design - Rima Al Juburi

Today I present you again an extraordinary artist whose works not only combine design, architecture and art but who also builds a bridge between cultures: Rima Al Juburi.

Your name

Rima Al-Juburi

Your profession and offer

Artesigner – 7eyes Label for porcelains to wear to decorate to gift

Where were you born?

Wels OÖ

What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you get the idea doing this?

The foundation is architecture. the passion is art, ideas are design, the skill is crafts.

The label 7eyes was born in 1995 and is registered as a trademark since 2011. Fine, unique, incomparable - a 7eyes creation is mainly a pleasure for the eye. With meticulous attention to detail, the history and the finest materials 7eyes is a purely exclusive "made in Vienna "product ...




Do you have a typical day?

The typical 7eyes day begins and ends with time at the work desk and emails, in between visits to suppliers, client meetings are often around Vienna, which is always a welcome opportunity to insert inspiring trips to parks and museums.

Something special to remember (anecdote,…)

I am remarkably often approached by tourists and visitors to Vienna, with a request for information about sightseein, as often that I now already think it hovers a big (invisible for me) arrow above my head where it says, '' knows a lot about Vienna '' .. readable in all languages ...

3 words that describe me

‘‘cultural brigde builder‘‘ 

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Because the whole city is like a big beautiful park, or an outdoor museum ... you can go everywhere on foot without getting bored ..

What do you like about the city?

Vienna is Lifestyle and life quality… and all a home has to be...

Rima's tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

Even if one is only for a few hours in Vienna: walking through the parks, starting at the Burggarsten the Albertina, over to the Heldenplatz, trough the rose garden, with a detour to Theseustempel and Sisi Monument and at the Rathausplatz be surprised which event is taking place right now...

My favourite place in Vienna …

The rose garden

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

Sacher Stube

7eyes collections are available per order or can be bought at the LadenKonzept

Website of 7eyes 7EUN.AT