Bathing fun in the green - Vienna's natural bathing spots

Summer in Vienna is a very special time. Much is a bit quieter, much goes because of the warm temperatures a bit slower and also cooling down is then a good alternative.

But now it does not always have to be a public swimming pool where you can find a place to cool down, because in Vienna there are also many natural bathing spots to be discovered. Bathing fun in the green area. Where you find fine places, you can now read today in the blog.

Well-known and popular leisure oasis

Well-known and very popular are the two leisure time oasis Donauinsel and the Old Danube. Here you can not only bathe, but there is also a wide range of sports facilities, restaurants and other leisure activities.

Alongside the public baths, there are also many free bathing places along the Old Danube, such as the Lagerwiese Romaplatz, the Lagerwiese Rehlacke, the Kaiserwasser, the ArbeiterInnenstrand or the Strombucht. All information about the bathing paradise Old Danube can be found here. And you can also download the plan of the area

Bathing in the nature - bathing paradises in the green

If you prefer more nature and do not need much infrastructure, then the natural swimming pools are perfect for you. Here you will find intact nature, where you can simply relax your soul, beaches in green meadows, surrounded by old trees, birds singing and a lot of peace.

In Donaustadt, in the 22nd district, there are numerous bathing facilities along the Schillerwasser and Mühlwasser on sunny, shady banks and shady meadows.

Also the Teich Hirschstetten is one of many natural bathing places you can visit all year round and all day without admission.

The bathing areas in the National Park Donau-Auen are also very special because it is pure nature. Therefore, only a few designated places for swimming are possible: Panozzalacke, Dechantlacke, Donau-Oder-Kanal and Stadlerfurt.

You will find all information about the natural bathing facilities in Vienna as well as how to get there on the website of the City of Vienna.

If you are travelling with your dog in Vienna, then there are also own bathing places, where dogs can also let off steam in the cool water, for example on the Old Danube or the Teich Hirschstetten. You can find the bathing places on the website of the City of Vienna

For children, the city of Vienna has come up with something special and has built water playgrounds all over the city. Here, children can walk around, splash around and just enjoy the cool water. In the meantime, the parents have their own resting areas. Where to find such water playgrounds in Vienna, you see again on the website of the City of Vienna.

So, if you are in Vienna in the summer, then pack your bathing stuff, because you should not miss these beautiful and unique natural bathing places.