Boss of thousands humming employees


Michaels emplyees you have for sure already met in Vienna. Although they are most of the time discreet in the background, the work really hard and busy. From morning to night they work for you because what they produce ist not only very healthy but also very tasty. How it feels to be the boss of many thousand employees this tells you today Michael Drachsler personally.

Your name: Michael Drachsler


Your profession and offer


I have more than 80 colony of bees I take care of (numer increasing).

The locations are quite different. Some hives are outside of Vienna (Mistelbach and Gänserndorf area), some hives are right on the roof of well known buildings in Vienna like on the Wiener Rathaus or other locations in the Inner City. And in addition there are several locations in the 22nd district.

Furthermore I produce single-species honeys e.g. rape, sunflower or acacia. To get this special honey I take my bees to the flowers. You can buy the honey on my website at or at several shops, addresses can be found on the website too.

Where were you born?

In Vienna

Michael Drachsler beekeeper at work

Bees on the roof  Michael Drachsler

What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you get the idea doing this?

A bond with nature. The calm and patience while working with my bees and of course the beautiful view from the roofs of Vienna.

Having no pressure or stress at work, although I have thousands of employees (bees) and having a flaxible time management.

Do you have a typical day?

In my job there is not really a typical day. During the high season I weekly drive to my bees in the 1st distrtrict that are on the roofs. While working there you can really enjoy the skyline of Vienna and it is so calm up there. Seeing how strong the hive is and much they produce I can see how much they like being in the city and that they find enough and good food here.

3 words that describe me

calm, courteous and active

Why I like living in Vienna ...

On the one hand because I was born here and I enjoy living here. On the other hand there are so many exciting sights here. And also everydays' life culture is so great from the numerous coffeehouses to the vine taverns (Heurige). Also the many green areas in the city are not only a perfect living space for my bees but also invite to enjoy bicycle tour here.

What do you like about the city?

Vienna is so diverse and offers you so many entertainment opportunities. I like to explore the city and always find new things. Also for sports you find something for all ages.

Michaels' tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

Bicycle tour trough the Lobau or the various sights in Vienna.

My favourite place in Vienna …

The Lobau in the 22nd district

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

„Da Moritz Huth“ in the 1st district

About Made by Bees

As you have read, Michael really lives with heart and passion for his thousands employees, taking care that they find everything they need.

The products of Made by Bees you can directly buy online at the onlineshop or at several locations

In any case those products are really something special. Because where else do you get honey directly from the Wiener Rathaus, the Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof or other buildings in the Inner City of Vienna?

So try and enoy this special honey. And why not bring one back home for you and your friends?

Michael Drachsler at work