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I was fascinated at first sight by Carina when we met for the first time, and so we started chatting very quickly. Because her job, or rather her calling, is very special: she tells the stories of life. My life a book is her company and what exactly it is, she tells you today in the blog.

Your name

Carina Manutscheri

Your profession

I write “the book of your life”, that is, the life stories of people. My Life a Book.

Where were you born?

In Steyr, Upper Austria

What is special about your business? What do you like about it? How did you come to this?

As editor-in-chief at a well-known Austrian publishing house, there were actors who were supposed to publish their biography. Because it's not that easy at all, they soon came to me and asked me to help them. I quickly noticed how easy it is for me to find words for their great stories and also how much I enjoy it.

It soon occurred to me that it's not just famous people who have interesting, exciting and touching stories to tell. On the contrary - the experiences of each individual are so inspiring and worth recording in a book.

For me, the encounters with people who have something to report, who want to leave something behind for their descendants, are very special. I am so grateful for their trust.

I think there are very special moments when people open up to me and share a look at their experiences, their careers, their dreams, but also into abysses.

Is there a typical day?

No! People are so different, deal so differently with their biography. Live different values and meet me in their very own way. I experience every conversation, every anecdote and every life story as a gift. In the course of our interviews there is often a point where I notice that the other person is opening up to my questions and allowing me a look into their thoughts and heart. These are the best days.

Something that stuck in my memory ...

The impressive 80 year old lady who told me about the wild, free and unrestrained life in Greece in the 70s.

3 words that describe me

Curious, tolerant, and I believe generous too

Carina Manutscheri

Copyright by Lorin Canaj

Carina Manutscheri

Copyright by Lorin Canaj

Carina's personal insights into Vienna

Why do I like to live in Vienna?

Because there is no better city in the world. My children love the outdoors in Hütteldorf, go to a wonderful school and a great kindergarten, we live here like in a village where everyone knows everyone and can still use the professional opportunities of the big city, culture and cultural exchange takes place on every corner. Here you can dream of big things…

What is it that makes Vienna so special?

I think there is something for everyone in Vienna. Culture, nature, big names, sport, the best offers for children, big stories and small, many curious stories, very nice people - I experience the Viennese as open and respectful. I think their reputation is way too bad.

My personal tip for Vienna ...

A sunny autumn picnic in the Lainzer Tiergarten - just at the Lainzer Tor, up to the Hermesvilla, pick up your packed picnic basket including blanket and enjoy the afternoon. Beware, the wild boars can be quite curious at times.

My favorite place in Vienna ...

On the Sophienalpe, with a view over the whole of Vienna

My favorite restaurant in Vienna ...

Absolutely the best Thai restaurant in Vienna: All Rice, Bangkok Street Food in Schweglerstraße

Carina Mansutcheri Mein Leben ein Buch

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