Cheerful with the dear Augustin in the New Year

Let us start into the New Year 2017 merry, cheerful and lively. In today's blogpost a very special Viennese is waiting for you, who did not take life too seriously and was always in a good mood: Dear Augustin. Who that was, now that I tell you in the legend of dear Augustin.

The legend of the dear Augustin





 the dear Augustin

In those times when Vienna was still a small town with many suburbs, around the middle of the 17th century there was at the Fleischmarkt the beer house "Zum rote Dachl". This was always well-attended and quite a popular location. This was not least thanks to dear Augustin, who entertained the people with his music and all sorts of jokes.

But then dark times arose in Vienna as the plague broke out. The guests got less and less in the beer house, as the people became grim and gloomy. More and more dead were claimed by the plague and the cemeteries soon had no more space, so that the dead were taken outside the city to the aread around St. Ulrich to huge graves. All this also made the dear Augustin serious and very sad and he nearly lost his cheerfulness.

One evening he made his way home from the „rote Dachl“. He for sure had drunk too much and so he missed the way home. Instead arriving at home he came to the area of St Ulrich. Being on wobbly legs he stumbled, fell and did not notice that he had landed in a plague gave.

He fell asleep and slept quietly the whole night. Only the next morning when he woke up, the horror came to him when he realized where he had spent the night. Two plague workers helped him out of the grave and laughed at him because of his predicament. But the dear Augustin did not let himself be beaten, grabbed his bagpipes and went back joyfully as ever to the city. This night did not harm him at all.

When the plague was over, the  mood of the Viennese got lighter again. And so also the beer house was filled again with many guests. For many years Augustin entertained the people with his music and cheerfulness. After his death a monument was built for him near the church of St. Ulrich, where until today the dear Augustin smiles at you.

Has he ever lived?

Nobody knows this, but that does not matter, because in the hearts of the Viennese, this cheerful fellow lives on forever.

He even got his own song in his honor:

O Du lieber Augustin, ‘s Geld is hin, d Freud is hin, o du lieber Augustin, alles ist hin!

And if you look very closely in Vienna, you will meet him again and again in the whole town, e.g. In the 7th district near a small fountain, in the city center on a house or maybe you hear him sing the next night?