Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater - the world of chocolate

Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate, as the name is program, here in the Chocolate Museum Vienna everything revolves around cocoa and chocolate. From the first discovery of the cocoa bean to the present time, the cocoa bean (and therefore the chocolate) has a moving past.

But let now Bojan, the founder and operator of the museum, tell you more about this special museum.

Shortly introduce your museum...

We are the Chocolate Museum Vienna, located at Prater. We are 2000sqm of chocolate fun & facts. We also have chocolate workshops where you can learn how to make your chocolate and also buy the products we are making freshly here on the spot.

What makes your museum so unique?

It is the best museum in the whole world.

We are not a brand which is then promoting their own brand and products in this chocolate museum, because we don’t have a commercial chocolate brand. So the main focus of the museum is really the chocolate itself. We present the mythology, history, we have a jungle, a candy land, a very important part about the Austrian role for chocolate with many facts about Austria and much more we want to highlight. And not so many people know that Vienna and Austria had an important role in the chocolate history and chocolate itself. And all the ratings and feedback of our visitors make us continuously better and improve our museum.

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater 

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater 

How did you get the idea to start this museum?

In my crazy mind it happened. I think that my experience I had and a little bit of craziness from an artistic side helped me a lot to make the concept.

And also I am always trying to improve. I am looking at myself often from another perspective, always looking what people like or don’t like. And so every day I try to improve.

In the end it simply happened and this is a beautiful project. I always say: If you want to love your job, come and work with us, as it is a beautiful place.

Why did you choose Vienna as location?

Vienna I choose because the main company at which I worked before was located in Vienna and I personally love Vienna as a city. I really believe it is the best city to live in, always fighting with Vancouver, Canada, actually.

I love everything about Vienna. I live here, I simply I can’t think about any better place than Vienna to open the museum and I think Vienna really deserves a museum like this.

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater 

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater 

Is there something special about the museum and location?

Everything, really everything. I can’t highlight the things, everything here is done with very much attention to the details and full with love.

And Prater, well why did I choose this place. It is hard to find good locations for attractions like this, cost wise, transportation wise, so during the process we simply ended up in this place which was empty at that time.

By the time there were a few more places which were yes or no and this one became the best option for us.

And I think since Prater is an entertainment park and we are an entertainment museum the location fits really. It has its own good and bad sides, but I think it is a good place for a chocolate museum.

3 words that describe your museum ...

Most amazing place

Where is your museum located?

The Chocolate Museum Vienna is located in the Viennese Prater, right next to the Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad) and Madame Tussauds.

On our website you can find all the information (and much more) about the museum.

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater 

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater 

Bojan Misaljevic personal Vienna insights

Why I like living in Vienna ...

The problem with this question is, I could answer it for at least one hour or more. I live in Vienna simply because my family is here, for the start. When I moved here, by the time I really fell in love with every aspect of my life here even things which were bothering me, like the stores close to early. In the end I loved those aspects too because I think that these things make for other people the life also good. I appreciate and am grateful that way of thinking. So there are really a lot of aspects in anyone’s life’s that I like, that impact your life in Vienna and I like all of them since I moved here, which was around six years ago.

My personal Vienna tip …

My tip, ….well I have a safety tip before this, don’t get hurt, because you are so amazed of what you see. That means I walk around and I am always looking around and always see something new which really impresses me. This can be a façade, the sculputres in the facade or a glass, I like reading the city in this way and the tip is, if you can, anyhow, spend time in Vienna like locals, I think that is the best way to really absorb this city.

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater 

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater 

My favorite place in Vienna …

I don’t have anything favorite, I don’t believe in the concept “favorite” because that means I end up only in one thing. But for food there are beautiful places around the Naschmarkt that I love, or I love places with good beer, I love the parks here, they are a really great, very well concept. One favorite part is also the culture, the museums, the open things, like in front of the Rathaus, all these happenings that are enrichening the life of all of us. So this is something I really love.

It is really hard to say what is favorite. There are so many things that you can’t experience them all. I also like all these huge monuments. I always look at them and they inspire me to do something. And the cultural side, sit down in the Café Central or in a small pub which is completely different. They all have a rude or nice waiter depending on … Vienna is famous for that and you have to accept it. That’s simple the beauty of it.

And I really think that Vienna is becoming in the last ten years more and more multicultural which I think is the best thing actually. It’s my favorite thing, this process of becoming a really multicultural place.

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater 

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater 

So, when do you explore the museum? From exciting historical backgrounds to the worldwide distribution of the cocoa bean to the chocolates we know today, all this and more you will experience at the Chocolate Museum Vienna in Prater.

Workshops then complete the offer. Reservation is definitely necessary, because the worldwide chocolate loves have already discovered this paradise.