Christian Wild - a host more personal

Christian Wild is today the first host of that you will get to know a bit closer. Because here in the blog there will not only be interesting stories from and about Vienna but also about the heart of our platform: your hosts. Those are the persons that prepare for you your home in Vienna.

But now it is Christian Wild's turn to let you know why he is looking forward to meeting you personally.

Familie Wild aus Wien

Your name

Christian Leopold Johann Wild


Your work and offer

Self employed as sales agent for apartments and facility manager.

Host of an apartment together with my wife Alexandra

Where were you born?

Vienna 13 

What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you got the idea doing this?

Being a host and also offering services for other hosts is really my passion and fulfilling. I like it if my guests have a great time in Vienna and have a comfy apartment. Getting to know new people is great and I love giving my guests numerous insider tips of our amazing city. There is so much going on, Vienna is a vibrant city.

How I got this idea?

Well, one flat in our house was free and we had not so good experiences with long term renters. On the other hand we did not want to leave the flat empty.

So we participated in a program of an U.S. university, hosting students that came to Vienna for two months to study German. Our guests were two very nice young ladies. We really liked being their hosts and so we had the idea to rent out our flat as a vacation apartment to Vienna visitors. We started advertising on a widely known platform and withing 3 hours after being online we wrote our first offer. Just one week later our first guests arrived. Since then we have been hosts to many other guests and look forward to all our further visitors.

Based on our experience of being a new host we had the idea offering this service also to other hosts to help them to start their business.

Apartment der Familie Wild in Hietzing 

Schlafzimmer im Apartment

Do you have a typical day?

Not really. There are guests coming, others checking out, offers to prepare, accounting, maintaining the reservation calender and lots of other things.

So each day is different, but that it is what I love so much about my work. Doing the same each day would be nothing for me.

3 words that describe me

big, openhearted, unhurried

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Working infrastructure. Sometimes the traffic (public as well as private transport) can be quite a lot, but not too much. So much green, even in the center. Simply a liveable city.

What do you like abou the city?

Vienna is the city of music, from Mozart and Beethoven till now. Music is in the air literally. Amazing sights and although the people sometimes seem to be a bit grumpy in their heart they are amazingly friendly and helpful.

Christians' tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

The Türmerstübe at St. Stephen's Cathedral. Always when I made it upstairs (at least 343 steps), I think of the time of the Turkish siege. Up there was the only point where you could survey the entire besieging army around Vienna. I then see the tents in front of me, where now are large houses and can a bit empathize what was going on in theheart of the people at that time.

My favourite place in Vienna …

Vienna is a really green city. I love excursions to the nearby Lainzer Tiergarten. An huge area with wildlife. Really an adventure for the young and old.

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

My favourite restaurant is called „Bunt“ (colourful) which it really is. Exceptional ambience, very good food.


Family Wild are really hosts with heart and passion. So are you curious getting to know them? Do you want to explore the 13th district? 

Then have a look at their apartment „Sky in Vienna“.

This apartment is the right choice, if you wan to combine a quiet location with good connection to public transport. But the best is, have a look by yourself. davon.