Christine Lausecker - a host more personal

Today you will get to know our host Christine Lausecker and her Philadelphia Apartments. She has her apartments in the 12th district, a few minutes away from Schönbrunn. Let herself tell you more about the apartments and her personal Vienna tips.

Christine Lausecker

Your Name

Christine Lausecker

Your profession... and your offer to Vienna guests

Apartment Owner - Property Management - Apartment Rental

Where were you born?

in Vienna

What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you got the idea doing this?

As the owner of a Old Viennese style house, 20 years ago we converted some of our apartments into "fully serviced" apartments. It's just interesting to get in touch with people from other countries and cultures. Meanwhile, some "original guests" became very dear friends.

Do you have a typical day?

No, not really. Every day is busy with activities. Sometimes office work, sometimes checking apartments, doing minor repairs and then the enjoyable duties: welcoming guests

3 words that describe me

Loves to travel - correct - creative

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Because Vienna is an interesting city for me, which, compared to many others, is still pretty safe.

What do you like abou the city?

Vienna is clean - secure - beautiful. Provides an amazing amount of culture and excellent food 

Apartments Philadelphia

Apartments Philadelphia

Apartments Philadelphia

Christines' tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

After extensive inner-city sightseeing tour enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the spa park Oberlaa and then taste one of the best cream slices in the Kurkonditorei Oberlaa.

My favorite place in Vienna ...

The Imperial Breakfast Pavilion in the middle of Tierpark Schönbrunn. You can enjoy a melange and have a look at the animals.

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

The Don Alfredo at the film pond in Oberlaa. Offers hot meals all day - Italian and local. Also coffee and cake. The view of the lake and the peace is just wonderful.