Cinema under the stars - Vienna makes it possible

Today's blog post is a must read for all film - and cinema lovers.

Because now that the summer has arrived in Vienna, the warm evenings invite you to spend the time outside, also the season of open-air cinemas begins. Therefore, I have prepared a brief overview for you over the highlights of this year's summer cinemas for you.

And now, "Action!".


Cinema with a view 

Already since 1st June on the roof of the main library in Vienna a very special cinematic experience waits for you.

Because here exciting films - this year's focus is on films of US independent cinema – meets with an amazing view over Vienna by night.

You have now the whole summer to pick your favourite movie as cinema on the roof goes until 31st August.


Movies, music, cuisine & more



Probably the largest and most famous festival is the Film Festival on Rathausplatz. This year you have the opportunity, right in the middle of the city, to enjoy this special open air event from 14th July to 4th September.

It is not only a giant screen that waits for you, but also a great culinary program around it. This already opens each day from 11 a.m. on (till 12 p.m.). So you can already during the day enjoy the atmosphere here and get delicious food.

The performance of the film itself begins with nightfall.

The cinema comes to you

A cinema that comes to you, since it is wandering through Vienna, is the VOLXkino. On 45 days, at 35 venues in 16 districts a colourful movie program will be shown.

Whether it is in parks, between public housing, in public places and markets, on the Gürtel or on the outskirts, you always have nice evenings with free admission.

On the website you can have a look when the VOLXkino comes near to you.

Film meets scenery 

And now I have three cinema tips which are characterized by a very special setting, thus creating a beautiful background.

Cinema in a very special historical context in the Schloss Neugebäude is the cinema in the castle. The festival has already started and goes until 1st September. The program is colorful and offers something for everyone.

Already the castle itself is really worth a visit, because it has a rich history over centuries. More on that can be found on Wikipedia.  



One other well-known film festival is the cinema under the stars. Again, the scenery is uniquely beautiful, because it takes place right in front of the fantastically illuminated Karlskirche.

This year it is actually already the 20th time that you have a cinema experience under the stars, and as always, the program is colorful and varied.

Something more hidden is the short film festival dotdotdot in the 8th district. It takes place in the garden of the Volkskundemuseum from 5th July to 26th August. Small but very nice and with a very special atmosphere.

And since the museum is more or less around the corner from the Altes AKH, why not spend the rest of the evening later in one of the numerous outdoor gardens of the restaurants there?

You see, as a cinema lover Vienna has a lot to offer this summer.

So enjoy this very special cinematic experience.