Clear the ring for Vienna!

One highlight replaces the other at the Rathausplatz and transformes Vienna into the town of acrobats, clowns and artists. Because after the Filmfestival now the Circus Roncalli stays in Vienna and this year it really has something special to celebrate: 40 years of circus arts.

Many years ago, now 40, the circus was founded by Bernhard Paul, who had already decided for himself as a child: I am setting up a circus. And that committment he realized with success.

For the Austrian-born time in Vienna is also very special, like coming home.

And so from 15th September till 16th October, the artists daily enchant the audience.

The anniversary program "A trip to the rainbow" is all about the colorful diversity of the circus and unites artists from all around the world.

40 Jahre Circus Roncalli

In the huge tent you dive into a completely different world and can forget everything else for a while. Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere with fabulous lighting and virtuoso live music.

Whether it are the funny or serious clowns, rope acrobats at dizzying heights or the impressive horse shows that make you smile, laugh and wonder, a unique experience waits for you.

Also around the tent the Rathausplatz is transformed into a world of its own, because the circus wagons bring a unique flair to the place like in a fairy tale.

Circus Roncalli - Finale

Circus Roncalli in Wien

Circus Roncalli - Pferdeshow

Circus Roncalli - Clown

Circus Roncalli in Vienna

By the way, have you known that one of the highest paid actors in the circus are the clowns? I not, but the argument of the circus director Paul is clear: this "craft" can not be learnt, you have to have it in your blood.

A very interesting and personal interview you can read in „Die Presse - Zirkusdirektor Paul: "Mit harter Arbeit ist es heute schwer".

A total of 60 performances are waiting for you.

Thus: Clear the ring!