Clemens Gal - a host more personal

Today you will get to know our landlord Clemens Gal and his apartments. The apartments of Clemens you find in the 2nd district, a few minutes from Augarten and Prater. But now let himself tell you more about his apartments and his personal Vienna tipps.

Clemens Gal

Your name

Clemens Gal

Your job or your offer

Managing director of GAL Apartments Vienna, renovation / development of real estate, additionally since 2009 national coach of the Austrian para-table tennis national team.

We have started as a small family business and try to combine the best possible personal guest service with high quality equipment standards of our apartments. Our motto is: the more individual the care of the guests, the more satisfied they are - and this is reflected in reviews and recommendations.

Where were you born?

In Vienna, in the 5th district.

What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you got the idea doing this?

In addition to my personal passion for traveling, as well as my part-time job as a coach, I travel a lot around the world, which gives me the opportunity to get to know many different cultures and ways of life. As a result, I spend the nights in a variety of accommodations. I let the best ideas and experiences flow into our company, you can always find something new and inspiring, whether in a hostel or 5 star hotel. Of course you will always be reminded of absolute no-gos.

In the tourism industry, I came rather by chance, because in our family business help was needed. But soon I realized that dealing with guests from all over the world is one of my passions and how much potential there is in the world metropolis Vienna.

Do you have a typical day?

Not for me, because I have to be very flexibly due to my different activities. But it can look something like this:

The typical day starts at home in my home office where I have breakfast with fruit muesli or porridge and a fresh coffee and plan the daily schedule. If I'm disciplined enough, I can do a morning run in the Augarten before that.

Then it's off to the office, or previously on a construction site or if purchases are to be done to the business Park Stadlau. If possible, I try to get away from the office especially in the summer months at 17 o'clock, then you can find me often in my tennis club on the old Danube or afterworking.

Clemens Gal

Clemens Gal

Something that I remember especially ... (anecdote, experience, ...)

A few years ago we had a large group of about 20 Shaolin monks who were invited to an international convention in the exhibition center.

The daily morning prayer at 6:00 was perceived in the courtyard as a soothing buzzing, they slept on the floor rather than in the beds, ate little to nothing, hurry and bustle was a foreign word. Inspirational - definitely a memorable week!

3 words that describe me

Efficient, inquisitive, physically active

Why I like living in Vienna ...

There are many reasons why living in Vienna is worthwhile. Traditional and postmodern architecture, the eclectic music scene, from classical to eletronic, varied events throughout the year, wonderful pubs with guest gardens in hidden courtyards, typical Viennese grumpy cosiness, balmy summer evenings on Danube Island to name just a few examples.

What do you like abou the city?

The variety, the green spaces and the short distances. Due to the different climatic conditions from bitterly cold in winter to midsummer in July, Vienna is changing and its offer is constantly changing - there is simply something for everyone!

Clemens tipps for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

Strolling through the city center on a sunny Sunday morning, even before the first people are on the move, you can see the true beauty of our Vienna and see much more than with the usual hustle and bustle. Or go by bike to the top of the Danube Island - highly recommended!

My favorite place in Vienna ...

After the steep climb over the Nasenweg enjoy the view from Leopoldsberg over Vienna and the surrounding area.

My favorite restaurant in Vienna ...

Admittedly, my favorite place changes from time to time, you have to give a chance to something new, but if I have to commit myself then I prefer the following places, which I warmly recommend:

Restaurant: Mraz & Sohn, Wallensteinstr 59, 1200 Vienna

Heuriger: Zur Christl, Stammersdorfer Kellergasse 83, 1210 Vienna

Cocktail-Bar: The Sign, Liechtensteinstraße 104-106, 1090 Vienna


Clemens Apartments you can find on his personal host page. So have a look and enjoy staying in one of his apartments.