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Creative meets coffee - `s Fachl & the coffee box introduce themselves

A shopping street and a cozy cafe on 150m². That can be found right in the middle of Vienna in the `s Fachl and Kaffeebox. More about this great concept and how it all began tells you today Oliver Pinetz, shop manager and coffee lover.

My recommendation, be sure to drop by, because here in the shop you will find a lot of great things, ideal for small / large souvenirs from Vienna.

`s Fachl in 1090 Wien

`s Fachl in 1090 Wien

Please shortly introduce your your offer ...

Actually, we are two companies:

The coffee box as a mobile cafe where we travel a lot, on events and especially on private events such as weddings, meetings we accompany with coffee catering.

The second one here is the shop with 's Fachl here in Vienna. We offer the creatives or people who just want to realize themselves with a very cool business idea, but have it difficult to find an opportunity to sell, here the opportunity to rent a box. We then provide the staff and the shop and then sell the products for them. For this we get a rent for the boxes and a sales commission. This is both openly declared for interested parties. From the introductory offer to the annual contract.

What makes your offer so special?

What sets us apart from similar concepts is the look of the shop itself, with the wooden boxes and so on. That's just special and also stands for Austria and regionality and thus also for credibility. I can remember, my grandmother used to get the vegetable deliveries in such boxes in her inn. For me as a child that was great to play with and ok, then to run around with the slates.

We deliberately do not want to be perfect, super-chic and glossy in this business. For us, it's always about the product and also about not hiding the origin. We are in Austria and that is something to be proud of.

`s Fachl in 1090 Wien

`s Fachl in 1090 Wien

How did you come up with the idea of offering this service?

Two of my friends have started with 's Fachl, first in the first district in 2015. Both are absolute IT specialists. As I come from sales they then approached me if I do not want to take over the sales together with the shop management. And it was clear to me from the beginning, after the coffee box was already there, to incorporate a coffee corner here as well. Simply because I find it comfortable and it also fits wonderfully with Austria again with the coffee house culture. What I like so much when customers come to the store, they look around and then chatter excitedly over the products over a coffee.

And in the coffee box here on site, our girls can also experiment with their own creations. Which is also done regularly. It's like an experimental kitchen for all of us.

Why did you decide on the Vienna as location?

Apart from the fact that the business has always been in Vienna. I'm from Vienna and I grew up here, somewhere else I did not want to go.

Is there anything special about the location?

When that 's Fachl in combination with the Kaffeebox was now ready to present the idea it to others I told my wife that I would like to have my own shopping street. Which has led to loud laughter. But in fact I tried to get it right here in the shop, which concerns the shop design. We foiled a phone box white where the coffee machine is inside, we have a street lamp outside, the ground we have made as paving stones and in truth, the boxes are nothing more than a lot of small shops. That's why I can really say that I constantly have 250 to 300 shops in my own shopping street on almost 150m². And that is something special.

`s Fachl in 1090 Wien

`s Fachl in 1090 Wien

Tell us the story of your company ...

We have already talked about this for the ‘s Fachl. Remains the coffee.

Actually, I come from the financial industry. Coffee was a hobby for me for a long time. At some point it started then that friends, colleagues, approached me, if they had celebrations or other occasions, that I take care of the coffee there.

In my circle of friends, I also have some coffee roasters. And with them I sat together a couple of times, experimenting with coffee, and said to him, if I ever do a cafe, it's only with my own beans. He immediately said that's no problem, we'll do it for you. For me that was meant more as a joke. But he called me on Monday and only said when we sit together, so that we experiment with my beans. I was very surprised for a moment, but he was serious and that's how it all started.

It was important to me to do the whole thing as catering. Because my concern is that everywhere a good coffee quality can be enjoyed and for a fair price. 

3 words that describe your company ...

'S Fachl - innovative, creative, eventful

Coffee box - quality, flexibility, attention to detail

Where is the shop located?

Alser street 43, 1080 Vienna

Online and

`s Fachl in 1090 Wien

`s Fachl in 1090 Wien

Olivers Vienna tipps

Why do you like to live in Vienna?

I grew up in Vienna, I just feel good here and the many childhood memories are part of it.

Vienna is simply a beautiful city. My mother always said that's a living museum out there. You have historic architecture next to a modern office complex. Simply these countless facets of the city.

My personal Vienna tip ...

For me, each district has its own special places. Personally, I come from a suburb, Liesing.

My tip are the forest areas around Vienna. Especially if the visitor to Vienna has this picture of Vienna with big city and bustle. Because Vienna is also very different and very close. These are these varied, atmospheric places where you can come down and switch off.

My favorite place in Vienna

A personal highlight of mine, out of season best, the Prater and the Prater Hauptallee. We are very often there walking. And the Prater is for me the prime example of what Vienna has to offer. The modern architecture of the University of Economics, the green behind it with the Hauptallee, the Prater you know from countless stories and then next to it older architecture.

My favorite restaurant in Vienna ...

Since my wife is a great cook, I prefer to be home. I do not have a regular restaurant in that form. In summer enjoying the „Schanigarten“, that's always fine.