Demmers Tea

I am an huge tea lover by myself at any season.

Therefore I am so happy that Nadja Fanari of Demmers Teahouse will tell you in this blogpost more about this great company. Because in Vienna you not only get a good coffee but also particularly fine teas with a huge selection.

 Demmers tea shop

Shortly introduce your product…

Fine loose teas are our core products - high-quality black and green tea, tea specialties and the suitable accessories. In Austria, of course, a wide range of herbal and fruit teas is offered too.

What is so special about your product?

The fact that all teas are tasted and carefully selected. We do not accept a tea to the assortment, just because it is trendy. The taste is in the foreground and the main thing is that the tea lives up to our quality standards.

How did you get the idea to make exactly this product?

Andrew Demmer actually comes out of the coffee business, his personal passion, however, was always tea and so his hobby became his job - tea merchant.


Why did you choose Vienna as location?

Andrew Demmer was born in London but grew up in Vienna and his dream was to open a tea shop here. The expansion in other countries - particularly Eastern Europe was not planned, but grew over time.

Is there something special abou the location of your company?

The first store was opened at Mölkerbastei 5 in 1010 Vienna in 1981 and Andrew Demmer really wanted to open his business in this area. This site was originally a hair salon, where he came by every day on his way to school.

Later he heard from a neighboring bookseller, that the business office became empty and then he immediately took this chance. It was outfitted by the architect Luigi Blau, who has tried to incorporate elements of Chinese architecture - a little in the style of the 50s. The logo shows the beautiful old Viennese house facade with its arches windows.

Demmers Teehaus Mölkerbastei

Please tell us more about the history of your company …

Andrew Demmer loves to experiment until now, that was the basis that he mixed different ingredients and flavors and in the first years already created the first fruit tea mix of Austria. Until then there were only mono types like rose hip. Today especially fruit and herb mixtures are particularly in demand.

We try to continue that way and constantly bringing new creations to the market and also make tea in different ways. So delicious products have emerged as our organic ice tea syrups, our orange punch essence or our organic oriental chai syrup for fine chai latte.

3 words that descibe your company …

enjoyable, fine, personally

Where to buy your products?

In the Demmers Tee Online Shop  and in our DEMMERS TEEHAUS shops in Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Finland and Japan. 

Demmers Teesalon

Tea by Demmers 

Finally, Nadja Fanari's personal Vienna insights

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Vienna is a wonderful, beautiful city, that offers you a lot of variety and here you can really feel comfortable and free!

What do you like about the city?

The cozy atmosphere, the beautiful houses and the green oases in the middle of the city where you can relax.

My personal Vienna tip …

there is such a lot ... A visit to a vine tavern (Heuriger) overlooking Vienna from the Wilhelminenberg, a picnic on the Bellevue area, swimming in the old Danube ...

My favourite place in Vienna …

clearly the Heldenplatz, because I'm always fascinated by the truly beautiful panoramic view – you have the Hofburg in the back, on the side you can see the two museums, in front of you the view to the Rathaus ... and all that best at night!

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

Leopold im MQ, 25hours Hotel, Amerling im Amerlinghaus

All information abit Demmers Teahouse as well as the online shop you can find at their website

By the way at the location Mölkerbastei 5 (so to say directly at the edge of the Inner City near Schottentor) you no only get the full range of teas but also have the Teasalon. Here you can enjoy all the fine teas in a comfortable atmosphere and also get some mouthwatering sweets and snacks there.