Experience Vienna - for free, but not for nothing

Today I have a real insider tip for you, which saves you money while you stay in Vienna and really brings a lot of program ideas. There is an ingenious brochure of the city of Vienna "Free, but not for nothing". The title made me very curious, of course, and the subtitle "365 days of free culture in Vienna" and I knew just have to tell you about it right now.

What is in this small brochure, where the title promises so much? A lot of inspiration and ideas spread throughout the whole year. So no matter when you come to Vienna, there is always something for you to see, explore or do.

 365 days of Vienna free of charge

The individual chapters are divided into theater / music, literature, fine arts, film, science and events in the districts. Pretty much, right? But that is typical for Vienna, the city has so much to offer.

In addition to the well-known events such as the Filmfestival at the Wiener Rathausplatz, the Donauinselfest, the Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert, or the Kino unter Sternen, you will also find a wide range of other events and offers that are truly an insider tip.

Do you know the annual campaign one city - one book in November? Are you a fan of crime and are looking forward to an exciting crime night at more than 50 locations? Or do you like to have VOLX cinema in unusual places in the summer? How about 23 days of cultural festivals in Vienna in June? More about all these activities can be found in the booklet.

There is also much to discover for children. Did you know that in the museums of the City of Vienna children under the age of 19 do not pay admission? Or that the ZOOM Kindermuseum has a museum specifically for children? Or in the summer, children can go to university?

All this and much more can be found in the brochure "Free, but not for nothing" because all these activities are free for you. So whenever you plan your next visit to Vienna, a look at this brochure will pay off in any case, because Vienna has a lot to offer in every season of the year.

You can get the brochure directly in the town hall at the Stadtinfo, you can order it online or easily and conveniently download it.

So enjoy exploring the city for free.

Alles was es in Wien kostenlos gibt