Fine teas in Vienna

Vienna is world-renowned for its coffee house culture, which has even been declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. But it is also worth to have a look over the edge of your coffee cup in the direction of tea, because also for tea lovers Vienna offers a fine selection of tea houses. And right now where the days are getting cooler a warm cup of tea just warms wonderful from inside.

Tea very central

fine tea in Vienna

Tea time in Vienna

Teahouses in Vienna

If you are in the city center, there are 3 famous and fine tea shops waiting for you. Here you can either drink your tea directly, or you can take your favorite tea back to your apartment. Because this is so practical at staying in an apartment, you have your own kitchen.

A traditional shop is the Theehandlung Schönbichler. Here you will find fine, exquisite teas of all sorts. Each week, 5 different teas are waiting for you to try and you will find regular events around tea A further specialty of Theehandlung Schönbichler are, by the way, fine, exquisite whiskey rarities.

Haas & Haas is also a long established tea house, just behind St. Stephen's Cathedral. Here, too, you will find a huge selection of teas. I can also highly recommend you the restaurant. Because here too, of course, everything revolves around tea and you can try out all the teas from the shop. A special highlight for me is the afternoon tea where you can choose between different varieties such as the classic British one (with sandwiches and scones), or the Russian variant with blinis and salmon. Also very extensive is the breakfast offer. This is very handy if you do not want to prepare something in your apartment. In summer (the next is coming again) the teahouse has a beautiful outdoor garden where you find a small oasis of peace in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city center. Just enjoy a homemade iced tea and a fine meal.

Another classic in the city center is Demmer’s tea shop. About this I have already written here in the blog. Also at Demmer’s you have a huge selection of teas and regularly there are tea workshops where you can immerse even deeper into the fascinating world of tea. Demmer’s teahouse also has its own tea stand at the Altwiener Christkindlmarkt where, in my opinion, you get almost one of the best punch in the city - with or without an alcohol.

In all three tea houses you not only get tea, but also all "accessories" around tea like beautiful teacups, exquisite teapots, fine sweets to enjoy together with your tea and much more.

One more afternoon tea. The Steigenbergerhotel Herrenhof too offers a delicious one.

Afternoon Tea in Vienna

Tea Time in Vienna

Sweets for your tea time

Even more tea...

One more afternoon tea. The Steigenbergerhotel Herrenhof too offers a delicious one.

If you prefer to celebrate your very own afternoon tea in your apartment, then I found an informative blog post on the Demmers website: It's Tea Time - Enjoy Afternoon Tea!

If you are interested in green tea, you should go to the tea house Artee in the 7th district near Spittelberg. They have fully specialized in high-quality green tea and established as a specialty store. There are regularly tea seminars and traditional tea ceremonies. A visit to the Artee is definitely worth it.

This list can certainly be extended a bit, because there are more and more small, fine tea houses that establish the tea culture in Vienna. Maybe you find one near your apartment? Then please let me know below in the comments. So and I will make me a fine cup of tea now ....