Guggi Hofbauer - laughing is healthy 

Today it will be funny in the blog, because today you will get to know the cabaret artist Guggi Hofbauer. Guggi's programs are full of joy and are a guarantee for a cheerful, funny evening.

And you know, laughing is healthy, so do something for your health and enjoy the cabaret of Guggi.

Your name

Guggi Hofbauer


Your profession and offer

I am a solo cabaret artist and perform with my programs in theaters and locations in Austria and Germany. I also create customised programs for private parties (e.g. birthdays), weddings and corporate events.

All that you can find on my website

What distinguishes my cabaret programs? Loveable, crazy cabaret figures, rousing songs and lots of clever punchlines.

Information about the program:

Currently I am touring with my solo program "Stop pleasure ?! Certainly not !"

In addition, I play "Guggis cabaret Fundus", a cabaret evening series that I perform once a month in "Mike's Werkstatt" in the 3rd district. Here, the audience always decides at the end of the evening, the topic of the next evening, and then I have one month time to write on the subject cabaret scenes, songs and lyrics, and bring it to the stage. There's also a 15-minute guest every time.

And that it will not be bored, I'm writing the next great solo program which premiers in December.

Where were you born?

In Vienna


What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you get the idea doing this?

I studied theater, film and media at the University of Vienna, so I occupied myself with the theoretical side of the theater. In 2008 I wrote and played a parody together with my brother of our partens as part of their birthday. This was so exciting especially because since childhood I have been writing poems, short stories and similar things. 2009 a friend began playing cabaret - which I found so interesting that I wrote a first program by myself and then performed it for friends and family.

At the end of 2011 I then participated in a cabaret-amateur competition and in that moment when I was on stage in the spotlight, I knew: "That's it! I want to do right that. "

Since then I took a lot of acting classes, different workshops and training to be get better and better.

What makes the cabaret so exciting is that I can combine various disciplines of art: writing, acting, singing, dancing. A wonderful thing.

And I'm my own boss: I determine - in collaboration with my director - what I play. This is a great freedom that I enjoy very much. Also, I love the contact with different agencies and with the public.

Do you have a typical day? 

Every day is different. One day I write the next program and on new songs, the next day I phone operators or visit new venues and then I pack my bag and go to the next gig.

This is precisely the interesting aspect of cabaret - it is never boring.


Guggi-Hofbauer4©Elie Fay




3 words that describe me

creative, communicative, passionate

Why I like living in Vienna ...


Vienna has the perfect size for me as a city - not too small and not too big. Vienna has many parks and green areas, it is also only a short way to the Vienna Woods and the Old Danube.

There is also all over the year a wide cultural offer, especially in summer I love the numerous open air events.

I particularly like strolling through the small streets which can be found all over the city discovering new places.

What do you like about the city?

  • the small coffeehouses
  • the hidden small streets
  • the cosiness off the beaten track
  • the "golden Viennese heart" which sometimes also moans a bit
  • the Viennese dialect - charming and yet direct
  • the "Viennese joke" - for me as cabaret artist absolutely vital

Guggi's tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

All travelers, that understand German should look at one of the many small stages in Vienna, on which there are theater productions, concerts, cabaret and readings.

One of my favourite stages is „Mikes Werkstatt“ in the 3rd district, the Kabarett Niedermair in the 8th district and the „Kulisse“ in the 17th distrrict.

In summer I really recommend visiting the Pop-Festival atKarlsplatz…always a highlight!

My favourite place in Vienna …

I do have more the one place I really love in Vienna :-)

  • the Augarten in the 2nd district
  • the stairs on the back of the Schloss Belvedere – from here you have an amazing view over the city
  • the Rochusmarkt in the 3rd district
  • and, and, and, .... I constantly discover new exciting places

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

The „Moped“ in Salmgasse in the 3rd district and the „Aera“ in the 1st district.



So how about a funny, cheerful evening with Guggi?

Do you want to know her next engagments and performances, then just have a look at her website.

Or if you have any questions, then just write her an email.


Guggi Hofbauer - cabaret artist