Icy laps in Vienna

After the busy Christmas season and the colorful turn of the year, a calmer time is now returning to Vienna. Something that absolutely belongs to the winter time is ice skating. And that you can do in Vienna in very special places: with a great view, in front of a dreamlike scenery or in the extensive nature area. But one by one.

Skating rinks with tradition and that certain something

Right on the Rathausplatz, where the Christmas market recently enchanted many people, there is now a huge ice rink, the Vienna Ice Dream. Until the beginning of March, the entire square and the park turns into a big winter wonderland.

Above the rooftops of Vienna you will find the artificial ice rink Engelmann, the oldest artificial ice rink in the world. How it came that here in Hernals in the 17th district the birth of the artificial ice rink was and why Engelmann became world famous, you can read lovingly summarized on the website.

Also well known far beyond the city boarders is the Wiener Eislaufverein. Right next to the Vienna Konzerthaus, music plays an important role here as well. All information about the program can be found on the website.

Vienna ice dream at Rathausplatz

ice skating in Vienna

natural ice rinks in Vienna

In the nature

As soon as it has been cold enough for a long time, the Alte Donau freezes and you have a beautiful, spacious area where you can do your laps. However, always on your own responsibility, because officially the thickness of the ice is not tested and not released.

Or do you prefer having a roof?

If the weather is too wintry and you prefer to do your icy laps in a hall you also have the possibility. There is the Wiener Stadthalle - EisStadthalle on the one hand. Yes, exactly, there is not only a huge event center and a swimming pool but also an ice rink.

Also covered are the Albert Schultz Hall (Ice Sports Center Kagran), the home of the Vienna Capitals and the Eisring Süd. There is also an open space here.

Well, you do not have to take your skates with you to Vienna, you can borrow them directly from all the skating rinks. In this sense, enjoy your icy laps. Afterwards you can warm up with a warm drink or comfortably in your apartment.