In the evening in the zoo

Have you ever wanted to go to the zoo after the closing time, so without the many visitors? Just to see what the animals do, if it is calmer and if it is also for them slowly time for their night rest.

This possibility you have in the Schönbrunn Zoo. In exclusive evening and night tours, you can visit the zoo and its inhabitants in a small group. Because this transition between day and night offers very special insights into the animal kingdom, which can only be experienced at this time.


Schönbrunn Zoo - evening tour 4

 Schönbrunn Zoo - evening tour 5

Schönbrunn Zoo - evening tour 6

On discovery tour after closing time

A few days ago Christian and I had the chance to take part in such a tour. So that is why today you find here in the blog my personal insights from a very special discovery tour through the zoo.

When the last visitor has left, the zoo gets a very special atmosphere and there is a very special silence over the area. Although quiet is relative, as some of the animals draw very, very loudly to their attention.

With your guide, you go through the several areas of the zoo, always with expert explanations and very interesting insights.

Sometimes you really have to look for the animals properly, because they too will get quite tired when it gets dark. Just like this one monkey, who just fell asleep before our eyes. Sitting on a branch.

But there are not only the animals to discover, but you also get a lot of exciting information about the animals and the zoo itself.

Like the fact that the animal garden cooperates with a furniture factory in the South of France because of the pandas. As pandas are very hungry, and love the green, tender parts of bamboo and the furniture factory only needs the thick parts of the bamboo. So every two weeks a huge truck with bamboo comes to Vienna. A win-win situation for both parties.

Or that Waldrappen (a kind of bird) can simply fall asleep on branches, because a mechanism in the foot ensures that they are clamped and thus can not fall down.

The 1.5 hours passed as in flight and it was already time to say goodbye. And for the animals time for their well-deserved night rest. Christian and I will definitely return in the summer months, when it is a bit warmer in the evening and also the dusk lasts longer.


Schönbrunn Zoo - evening tour 1 

Schönbrunn Zoo - evening tour 2

Schönbrunn Zoo - evening tour 3

All information about the evening and night tours can be found on the website of the Schönbrunn Zoo. The guided tours take place in small groups for a maximum of 20 people. So really small and fine and now from personal experience I can say absolutely worth a visit.