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Inspirations for your next visit of Vienna

Vienna is always worth a trip, regardless of the season. There is so much to see, experience and do in Vienna, a single visit is certainly not enough. So it pays off to plan the trip a bit. And if the next visit of Vienna is a little further away, then you now have more time to be inspired by this blog post.

Insider tips & proven for a long time

Here in the blog from you will find many suggestions and ideas about what you can do in Vienna. From the famous sights to the hidden insider tips.

A website that offers the widest spectrum for your planning is Vienna Tourist Board. Here you will find all the important information about Vienna, your travel planning and Vienna's offer.

How about getting some inspiration right at the start and taking a virtual trip through Vienna? Then watch the video series My perfect day. Short videos that simply make you want more. 

Oberes Belvedere©WienTourismus Paul Bauer

Oberes Belvedere ©WienTourismus Paul Bauer 

Blick auf die Donau ©WienTourismus Christian Stemper

Blick auf die Donau ©WienTourismus Christian Stemper

Get the finishing touches

When you have finished the rough planning and know what you want to do in Vienna, it's time to fine-tune it.

For many sights and activities, you can reserve your tickets online from the comfort of your own home and often print them out.

At we have some information for you. From the Hop On Hop Off busses from Vienna Sightseeing, to the popular Vienna cards such as ViennaPass, FlexiPass or Vienna City Card to exclusive offers from GetLocal.

Donauinsel© WienTourismus Gregor Hofbauer

Donauinsel © WienTourismus Gregor Hofbauer

MuseumsQuartier©WienTourismus Christian Stemper

MuseumsQuartier © WienTourismus Christian Stemper

Get a piece of Vienna at home

So much choice and planning that can make you hungry.

Do you like to cook? Then your travel preparation can also consist of bringing the taste of Vienna to your home and by cooking typical Viennese dishes.

Vienna is the only city in the world to give its name to an independent style of food - Viennese cuisine. Influences from various countries have contributed to what we now know as typical Viennese cuisine. And that is much more than just Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn. You can find many recipes again on the website of the Vienna Tourist Board 

Another culinary specialty in Vienna is wine. Did you know that Vienna is the only metropolis in the world that does notable wine-growing within the city borders. More than 700 hectares of Viennese vineyards and viticulture has a long tradition in Vienna. White wines are grown on around 80% of the vineyards, a specialty of which is the Viennese Mixed Set. You can find out more about Viennese wine and where you can taste it particularly comfortably in Vienna at the Vienna Tourist Board.

And finally something sweet. Also famous around the world is a small waffle from Hernals, the original Mannerschnitten. It started its journey around the world a long time ago and for me it gives me the feeling of home, no matter where I am in the world.

So, could I inspire you? No matter when your next visit is due, planning your trip can be a lot of fun.

Gasthaus zu den 3 Hacken © WienTourismus Peter Rigaud

Gasthaus zu den 3 Hacken © WienTourismus Peter Rigaud

Topfenstrudel©WienTourismus Peter Rigaud

Topfenstrudel ©WienTourismus Peter Rigaud