Joe Schirl - Musician, composer & lyricist

Your name: Wolfgang „Joe“ Schirl

Joe Schirl - Musiker, Komponist & Texter

Your profession...

I am a musician in Vienna. Instrumentalist (bass guitar), composer, lyricist.

Where were you born?


What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you get the idea doing this?

The creativity, the love of sound, the fusion of idea and sound. The variety, the excitement when I'm on stage. Playing on my instrument. Music and making music is therapy. The study of music dispels gloomy thoughts, illuminates the soul, expands the consciousness.

The special thing about my job is that I enjoy it. Whether alone at home, or with band on stage. Listen to the sound of my instrument and the interaction with other instruments.

Music is a language, the more you have to say, the more you can communicate.

I came to music through friends. To my instrument about my pronounced sense of rhythm. For composing about learning my instrument and increasing my knowledge of music and composition. To write from my desire to write.

Do you have a typical day?

I believe for everyone! Why should I be an exception. Some days are wrong. Everything goes as if it could not run worse. Looking back, then everything will makes sense. Some processes are purification - letting go of positive and negative. So are the days.

Something special to remember....

Almost sinking in the ground right at the beginning of my career as a jazz musician.

We played a piece - a jazz standard - and I had studied my lines wonderfully, which helped me a lot, right up to the moment of my blackout. From that point on, I no longer knew where up and down, back and forth was. My music died and I felt like I was dying with her. I felt the ground open below me on stage and slowly sink into it.

My complexion changed from red to white to blue, I was hot and cold in spurts. Until I found myself again.

This experience taught me the way to understand music. To capture with eyes, ears and the heart and play accordingly on my instrument.



Joe Schirl - musician, composer & lyricist

Joe Schirl - musician, composer & lyricist

3 words that describe me

Creative, thoughtful, spontaneous

Why I like living in Vienna ...

I was born here. Do I like to live in Vienna? Vienna offers a lot, from the coffee house to the opera house, from the pub to the restaurant. From comfortable to stiff, from exultant to sad. Vienna is a city of extremes, so similar is my relationship to Vienna. One day I want to go away as soon as possible, the other time I would cry, if they carry me away!

What do you like about the city?

The cultural diversity, the even more relaxed pace, the cityscape, the green in and around the city, the Viennese.

Joe's tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

The Prater Hauptallee with the Jesuiten Wiese and the Stadionbad.

My favourite place in Vienna …

The Rohrhaus in the Lainzer Tiergarten

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

The Little Stage in 1050 Vienna

Joe Schirl - musician, composer & lyricist

More abou Joe, his next events and where you can meet him personally you can find either on his website or at Facebook.