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Johannes & Ulli Hoflehner - hosts & theater makers

Johannes & Ulli Hoflehner - two of our hosts with a big heart for their guests and being a host. Together with the passion for the theater, this results in a colorful and very happy picture.

Your name

We are two, Johannes and Ulli. So I, Johannes Hoflehner, and my wife Ulli are hosting two apartments in Meidling. This is the best - 1:1 care!

Your profession...

I am a theater maker - director, author, theater director. I among other things headed the Schwechat Theater for 16 years, which has worked closely with international guests. I was always looking for guest apartments for these guests, sometimes only for a few days, but more often for 6 to 8 weeks. And that's how I came across, where I found the apartments for my guests.

We, Ulli and I have always been passionate hosts. Both the artists and our audience were happy to come to us, we always hosted them in the best possible way. We like to cook up a lot for our friends, sometimes also for theater guests. Now we have two apartments on ourselves and can now shape and live out our passion for being hosts.

Where were you born?

In Vienna.

Johannes & Ulli Hoflehner

What is special about your job?

How did I all began? I honestly tried to do something different, but when you're born into a theater family ...

Is there a typical day?

No, luckily not. Theater is a six, sometimes a seven-day week, often with working hours that are rather hostile to the family, but if you do it a little skillfully and want to, you can enjoy long summer holidays. After many years I am now freelance again and can organize a lot myself. And luckily I have a woman who shares all the madness. After all, she is a psychiatrist.

Something that I particularly remember ...

Perhaps you can imagine the complications when two Italian comedians arrive separately from two directions, meet in Simmering and then shoul travel together to Schwechat. The first calls from Semmering, where the other is waiting. This one suggests that he should get on the next train because he can then pick him up in Meidling. Then the next call came from Mödling ... The evening performance took place on time!

3 words that describe us

We are there.


Fotocredit: Direktor Serenelli - Kolbert, Reichert, Lendl

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Foto: Ein Grund zur Sorge

Johannes & Ulli - personal insights to Vienna

Why do I like to live in Vienna?

Vienna is without a doubt one of the most livable cities. We appreciate the wide range of culture, the many relaxation rooms in the city, the Viennese coffee house, the various markets and much more.

What makes this city special for me?

The Viennese Schmäh (humor), which includes not only the witty quick wit, but also the black humor, the melancholy, the melancholy side of the soul, which disguises itself as cosiness. If you understand this mixed goodwill and can deal with it, you will get along well in everyday life, unless you are dealing with insurance agents.

My personal Vienna tip ...

In the first district there are open historical houses, you can walk through courtyards and backyards, discover old pavlas and historical details such as the remains of the old city wall, or simply enjoy the atmosphere of old Vienna ...

My favorite place in Vienna…

The saddle of my bike - discovering Vienna by bike is always good for surprises, even if you have lived in Vienna for half a century (whoops!).

My favourite restaurant or coffee house ...

The Café Bräunerhof, which I have been visiting regularly since I was a student. Among other things, I met the great writer Thomas Bernhard a few times there. But in a coffeehouse you don't speak to people with whom you don't have an appointment, at most greet and "don't want to disturb". It is part of the coffeehouse culture that you absolutely respect the privacy of every guest there, at the risk of being totally lonely in the middle.