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I am always looking and searching for you to show you even more facets of Vienna and to find exciting cooperations with Viennese companies so that you have an more extensive offer here on

Coincidentally, I found out some time ago that a participant from my yoga class works for Jollydays. JollyDays - a company based in Vienna, active in the field of ingenious experiences throughout Austria & unusual gifts.

So immediately there was the idea to talk to her about a cooperation between Jollydays and, so that you get to know even more exciting and eventful sides of Vienna and the surrounding area. Said and done, as it turns out, her husband Gernot works at JollyDays too and is my direct contact. Perfect. He briefly summarized for you what you can look forward to at JollyDays, how the idea for this company was born and what advantage you have as a reader of the blog and

Hello. We are Jollydays.

We are there to help adventure experts and adventure seekers find their way ...

Our story began in 2003 when Jörg Schmiedl and Stefan Harder came up with the idea to be the first provider in the German-speaking area to offer experience gifts. Within a very short time, we became the market leader and also became active in Germany and Switzerland. Although we still offer experience gifts, in the meantime we have developed into one of the most important leisure providers.

Jollydays - einzigartige Erlebnisse - ausgefallene Geschenke

Jollydays - einzigartige Erlebnisse - ausgefallene Geschenke

Jollydays - einzigartige Erlebnisse - ausgefallene Geschenke

Moments pass. Memories fade. Stories stay.

We all have them ... Holiday & Leisure. Sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes during the week, sometimes only on weekends. It is the most precious time that exists, because it is the time when we can finally be "ourselves". Whatever this could mean. Sometimes we just want to put our feet up and relax with chilled music, sometimes we're drawn outside to experience a real adventure. Free time is as colorful and diverse as we humans. But as different as we are - one central question unites us all: how can we fully enjoy and live our lives?

We asked ourselves that too. Therefore, we have made it our mission to help you to make the most beautiful hours of your life from your free time. We are a team full of madmen (affectionately called freaks), who have already experienced a lot. We're car fanatics who love MINIs and slot cars, mountain foxes who've climbed every 4,000 in the area, and foodies who know every hip eatery in the city like the back of their hand.

But why are we doing it?

Jörg, our managing director and co-founder, put it quite well in a nutshell. When he brings his two adorable daughters to bed in the evening, they always ask the same question: "Dad, will you tell us another story?". And Jörg has many stories to tell, because he has already experienced a lot! These are stories that he can tell his grandchildren around the campfire in 50 years' time.

And that really matters in life, right? The stories we can tell at the end of a year. The stories that we like to recall with a smile. The stories that shape us as a person.

Jollydays - einzigartige Erlebnisse - ausgefallene Geschenke

Your advantages with Jollydays

- With the "never- more expensive-than-on-site" warranty, we promise you that you pay us no more than the organizer directly.

- We have over 6,000 experiences listed

- We offer you 100% accuracy when giving. Each voucher can be exchanged by the recipient in another experience!

- Sign up for the customer account and our newsletter and get € 10 discount!

Exclusive offer only for you

Exclusively for you as customers & blog readers:

10% discount on all experiences.

The discount will automatically be credited to you in the shopping cart.

So, what are you waiting for? Here is your Advantage Shop on Jollydays - search, find and book now.

Have fun with the great experiences of Jollydays.