Katharina Flicker - blogger with a passion for museums

Today, Katharina Flicker introduces herself to you on the blog - a blogger with a passion for museums. Not only does she have her own blog Murmus's Museum Reviews, but she will support us also here on the blog of Soon you will read more of her, because recently she was in the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in the special exhibition "SAGMEISTER & WALSH: Beauty", but more about that soon.

Katharina Flicker

Your name

Katharina Flicker

My job: Is there a typical day?

Professionally, I am usually project-related in the university or museum area. The keyword "project-related" already reveals that the typical day does not actually exist. However, what has accompanied me continuously since 2017 and will continue to accompany me in the future is my blog Murmur's Museum Reviews. Why do I write museum reviews? Because I love to write! Because I spend a lot of time in museums (yes, one of my favorite things to do)! And because I wanted to share this passion with as many people as possible. If you are curious and want to know more, just have a look on my blog ;-)

Where were you born?

I was born in Vienna, but I spent my childhood and youth in Styria and - due to summer holidays - in the Waldviertel. At the age of 18, my thirst for adventure and my educational path led me back to Vienna, where I completed acting training and completed studies at the University of Vienna and at the Academy of Fine Arts. Although I originally wanted to emigrate, life then tied me to Vienna - which I am very happy about!

Something that I remember especially ...

According to the motto "What you can do today, do not postpone tomorrow!" A very dear friend and I had lost sight of each other during our studies. In The Happy Show, an exhibition at the MAK, she pulled out of a machine a card that invited her to build bridges in the past. Shortly thereafter, she contacted me. Today we are inseparable again ... unless we are too busy!

3 words that describe me

curious, cheerful, spontaneous

Katharina Flicker

Katharina's insider tips for Vienna

Why do you like Vienna?

Vienna is colorful and varied.

My personal Vienna tipp ...

... is to explore Vienna on foot or by bike. Many interesting places, pretty shops or photogenic places, houses and streets I discovered in that way by chance.

My favorite place in Vienna ...

... depends on desire, mood and weather! I love the view from Kahlenberg on clear days. I have made the Wienerbergsee a permanent part of my "I have to get tired quickly" round. In the Haus des Meeres, on the other hand, I find peace. The Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL) attracts with exciting offers and a very nice, committed team. And, last but not least, I appreciate the art and culture scene in Vienna (especially museums and theaters).

My favorite places in Vienna ...

... are the Motto am Fluss and the Cuadro. In Cuadro I can have breakfast until 16:00. Besides, I like the house beer! In the Motto am Fluss, I recommend the cocktails directly at the bar.