Lisa Schrammel - versatile as life itself

Theater, film, singing, dancing, piano and much more the young actress Lisa Schrammel brings with her. If it is in the role of a prosecutor or as Hermina in a summer night's dream, Lisa is versatile as life. So that is why she will tell you today more about her life, why she loves her job and what makes Vienna so special for her.

Your name: Lisa Schrammel

Your profession


Where were you born?

Schwaz in Tirol

What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you get the idea doing this?

That no day is the same like an other one. I love the variety, the diversity, the ongoing challenges (which can be quite exhausting....). As a child I have been dancing a lot, soon started to sing and play in the theater. And then it was really clear that this is my way and that it is what I want to do.

Do you have a typical day?

Not at all and that is what I like so much about my job. Such an actor's da can include difficult text learing :-) or rehearsals, castings, work in the recording studio, writing applications, waiting for a call....and sometimes all of these things just in one day.

3 words that describe me

open, ambitious, sometimes a bit chaotic …

Lisa Schrammel

Lisa Schrammel young actress

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Altough Vienna is a large city it has something rural and a manageable size. And it is the perfect hombase for me having this job.

Last but not least I am a huge fan of public transport, as it brings you day and night (more or less) wherever you want to go in a short time.

What do you like about the city?

I love the cultural offer. But also the growing offer of young creatives who try out new ways and things. And I like the stories that you find all over the city with all those impressive builidings.

Lisas' tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

just stroll through the small streets of the 1st district and let yourself be surprised

My favourite place in Vienna …

the Piaristenplatz in the 8th district infront of the Piaristenkirche. Here you can sit so comfortably in the open air area of the Italian restaurant „Il Sestante

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

oh there are so many....if you want to get a sugar shock in a traditional ambience then I recommend you the  Cafe Diglas in  Wollzeile-they have so delicious sweets.

Another place, I assume it is not an insiders tip anymore, is the 12 Munchies in the 18th district. A Mini Café with incredible mouthwatering homemade sweets and so nice owners.

Lisa Schrammel in Vienna

Do you want to see Lisa live on stage then you find all the information about her engagements on her website. And of course many more information about this versatile actress.