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LUGGit starts in Vienna

Do you know that, too? You arrive at your holiday destination early in the morning or do not travel home until late in the evening, but you are not yet able to use your apartment or can no longer use it. This always leaves the question of what to do with the luggage? LUGGit now solves this problem in a very convenient way. So I asked Ricardo, the founder of LUGGit, to tell you everything about this great new service in Vienna.

Please briefly introduce your business.

LUGGit is a platform that provides a luggage pickup, storage, and delivery service. So any traveler that has a lot of free time before check-in or after check-out and doesn't want to carry the luggage around the city can request a Keeper (driver) that will collect the luggage where she is, store it for as long as she needs, and deliver it back at location and time she chooses.

All the luggage is ensured up to 500€ (Standard) or 1200€ (Premium), and travelers can track in real-time where the luggage is during the day via the LUGGit mobile app.

What makes your company so unique?

LUGGit is the only company in the world so far that allows a real-time luggage pickup and delivery service, meaning that we offer travelers the best experience: flexible, comfortable, and reliable.

Why do you have the idea of starting this business and not something different?

In 2017, I started my first business, and it was a small hostel in my hometown in Portugal. As I was constantly overwhelmed by my guest's requests to check-in earlier or check-out later due to their luggage, I tough it would make a lot of sense to build a solution that would allow travelers to enjoy the most out of cities and at the same time, free myself as a Host of dealing with that question every day.

Briefly tell us the founding story of your company.

LUGGit started officially in January 2019. We launched operations in the two biggest Portuguese cities, Lisbon first and Porto second. We raised our first round of venture funding at the end of the year, led by the more prominent Portuguese venture capital firm, Portugal Ventures. In 2020, LUGGit was considered by the World Tourism Organization as the Second Most Innovative Solution in the World. In December, LUGGit received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.

2021 has been a year of growth in every aspect. LUGGit now counts with 11 full-time employees and is giving its firsts international steps, starting in Vienna.

Why did you choose Vienna as your location?

Vienna came as the best city to LUGGit first international city because of the following points:

  • It has a professional short-term rental sector, and we thrive to offer short-term rental managers a solution to provide their guests, improving the whole experience and earning a new source of revenue;
  • It has one airport and it’s not so much far from the city center. This fact allows us to have similarities to what we have in Portugal and it helps our operation be more effective and smooth;
  • Vienna has a huge Christmas market, and we believe LUGGit can be a valuable help for travelers that don’t want to carry their luggage through the snow

Three words that describe your company.
Flexibility, Convenience, Reliable.

Where do customers find you?

There are 3 ways to find LUGGit:

  1. Customers can receive LUGGit recommendation from their Host, like you.
  2. They can book LUGGit service in advance through our website:
  3. And finally, they can use our mobile app, available in iOS and Android

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Ricardo about Vienna

Why do you like Vienna?
I like the city for its beauty. It combines old architecture with a vibrant and organized new town.

What makes Vienna so unique for you.
I'm really enjoying the relaxed vibe of the city. Everyone seems to be very chill and relaxed and also very nice!

Your must-do or must-see in Vienna.
I think we should always mention St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Belvedere Palace, The Vienna State Opera House and Vienna City Hall.

Your favorite place in Vienna.
I must say it’s the Alte Donau margins of the river. I love going there for a walk or a run.

Your favorite restaurant in Vienna.
I still don’t have enough knowledge to tell you, but I'm willing for recommendations!