Lukas Thomas of the inn Zur Allee

Service Manager & Chef pastry seller, friend, listener, adviser, accountant, buyer, man for everything - all this and much more is Lukas Thomas of the inn Zur Allee on the edge of the Vienna Woods.

The small Waldgasthaus (forest inn) is really a culinary insider tip, because there you not only get excellent food and a large selection of vegan food but everything is also cooked with so much love and warmth, you just taste it.

So the next time you hike, go for a walk, go jogging, nordic walking, cross-country skiing, ... then stop by at the Waldgasthaus.

But now I let Lukas talk more about himself and the small but fine Waldgasthaus Zur Allee.

Lukas Thomas - Waldgasthaus Zur Allee

Your name: Lukas Thomas


Your profession...

Service Manager & Chef pastry seller, friend, listener, adviser, accountant, buyer, man for everything :)

Where were you born?

in beautiful Vienna

What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you get the idea doing this?

The always exciting approach to the most diverse people, from the homeless to the politician, I welcome new guests daily & get to know them and some say goodbye as friends or family members. Every day to master new challenging situations and prepare our guests a pleasurable and harmonious time with us. I like to adjust to the wishes and requirements of my guests and to fulfill them, so that they go home with a good mood and full belly and come back with hunger and joy next time.

I came to my job over love when I applied for a part-time job in the family business of my wife:) I got it, kept it and found my passion.

Do you have a typical day?

No, thank goodness every day is always a new white piece of paper, anything can happen :)

Something special to remember....

Our first "vegan Christmas market for all" 2015, my wife and I actually wanted to visit those of the VGÖ and found that this did not take place for various reasons. We had the space, the exhibitors were ready and we put all together. So we could organize within 3 weeks a beautiful, harmonious, small & fine Advent market which has brought many new friends and, many beautiful experiences; such as that people without knowing each other can show strong cohesion.


Waldgasthaus Zur Allee at Schwarzenberg Alley 

Culinary temptations at the Waldgasthaus Zur Allee 

Waldgasthaus Zur Allee at Schwarzenbergpark 


3 words that describe me

loyal,integer, charm

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Because it is such an incredibly diverse city, full of ideas and inspirations, wild and crazy people, untouched and peaceful places, you can always experience something or come to rest. There is everything for everyone, whatever your heart seeks for.

What do you like about the city?

You can visit the same place every day and it is never the same and yet unchanged. Vienna is old and new at the same time. Vienna makes you dream and still stand firmly on the ground with both legs, the Viennese with their incomparable charm make sure of that :)


Sweet delights in the Waldgasthaus Zur Allee 

Waldgasthaus Zur Allee in Schwarzenbergpark 

Sweet delights in the Waldgasthaus Zur Allee

Lukas' tips for Vienna


My personal Vienna tip …

The Schwarzenberg Alley, because it is just such a place as described above, so diverse, loud and quiet, here it can even happen to see a deer in nature!

My favourite place in Vienna …

The small group of trees behind the 2nd swan pond in Schwarzenberg Alley

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

Of course, ours! Because we are also a little bit old (outside) and new (kitchen), because we are small, fine & a little special and you meet here half of Vienna. Because we are comfortable, my wife and mother-in-law ensure full bellies and I entertain our guests with the right amount of nonsense.


Kontakt und Lage

Schwarzenbergallee 40, 1170 Vienna


Waldgasthaus Zur Allee at the Schwarzenberg Alley 

Sweet delights in the Waldgasthaus Zur Allee 

Waldgasthaus Zur Allee in Schwarzenbergpark