Marijan Martinovic - Undertaker in Hernals

Vienna and death have a morbid relationship. On the one hand, the Viennese celebrate life and on the other hand, death is celebrated too. And just now, shortly before All Saints Day, this theme is again very present in Vienna and the cemeteries will soon be festively decorated and lit again.

Therefore, I have asked Marijan of Undertaker Memoria to give you more insights into this part of Vienna.

Marijan Martinovic - Bestattung Memoria

Kristina Martinovic - Bestattung Memoria

Your name

Marijan Martinovic, or as I am called by colleagues: The Undertaker with the beard

Your profession...

I am an undertaker. For me it is not a profession - much more vocation. My special offer: We, my wife, with her I lead our company, are the first undertaker with organic fair trade products in Vienna.

Together with my wife Kristina, the idea of an own undertaker company crystallized more and more, and so in 2017 we founded Undertaker Memoria. By the way, we got to know each other at an undertaker company ....

Where were you born?

In Croatia and before the question of the place comes: far, far away from the beach and the sea

What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you get the idea doing this?

For me, it's about making people see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially in this very special situation. The dignity of man is inviolable, and every human being has the right to be buried in honor and dignity. And we achieve this with full commitment, our attitude to the people and the profession and, as well as for some outsiders, unconventional means.

How I came to it. Well, a trial day was enough and I realized that my talents are being sought and demanded here.

Do you have a typical day?

Thank God no! Every day brings surprises and brings with it unforeseen challenges. We work a lot with people who are in an exceptional situation and therefore you have to start the day with a healthy dose of understanding ...

Something special to remember....

Each client is special. So memorable that I remember the name of each client. A spiritual said at a funeral: There is no typical funeral music, there is only the typical music for the deceased. I liked the sentence so much, that I had to put this on my homepage immediately ...

3 words that describe me

emphatic, authentic, helpful

Bestattung Memoria


Bestattung Memoria

Bestattung Memoria

Marijan's tips for Vienna

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Vienna does not make it that hard for you. Either you love the city or not. As I am still here, the first applies.

My personal Vienna tip …

Drive to Neuwaldegg (easy and comfortable with the tram 43). This side of the city is not so well known by tourists ...

My favorite place in Vienna ...

My office in the heart of Hernals. And if I'm not there, then I like being in Neuwaldegg.