More than just a conversation

The Viennese coffee houses are not only world famous but have also always been a place where people meet, for a simple chat or a stimulating conversation. Together with a good coffee, tempting confectionery and fine food you can easily forget about the time.

And especially now at this time of the year, when it is getting colder outside or one or the other rainy day comes to Vienna, they are a good place to just relax. (If you prefer tea then have a look a last week’s blog post where it is all about tea.)

Stimulating discussions in a relaxed atmosphere

Especially if you're new in town, or simply appreciate a neat conversation, then the Coffee House Conversations are just the place to be for you. Here in the cozy atmosphere of a traditional Viennese coffee house you can enjoy fine conversations about various topics, without time pressure and subjects specifications. Exchange with locals about their Vienna, chat with fellow travelers about their experiences and just enjoy this special format.

The conversations are organized by Space and Place.

Sponsor of this unique events are the legendary Vienna Coffee makers Julius Meinl (about this famous company I will tell you in an another blog post) and every attendee gets a fine bag of coffee beans from Meinl.

Landtmann-perfect-group-foto© SpaceAndPlace

Do you speak English?

The conversations are done in English. So it is ideal if your German is a bit rusty, you like to have a chat in English or just look forward to enjoying a nice talk to someone else. But it is not about being perfect in English but simply the joy of a good conversation.

The question menu helps you to make the first steps which might be ideal if you participate for the first time. But once the initial ice is broken, you will no longer need it. Because then exciting topics such as travel, friendships, Vienna, job and much, much more wait for you. And there is much space so one can exchange ideas and philosophize about.

Read at Tripadvisor how enthusiastic other participants were about their coffee house conversation.

The Location and more information

Now you are for sure curious where the next conversation takes place, right? So here are all the information you need so that you will not miss those fine conversations:

Where: Cafe Ministerium, Georg-Coch-Platz 4, 1010 Vienna

When: The dates can be found at the website of Space and Place and you can register there online.

So when you are the next time in Vienna, why not enjoy a pleasant conversation?