More than just a place to live - The most popular places for multi-local living

Vienna is a very comfortable city. It was repeatedly honored as the most liveable city in the world, and the Viennese know what they have like so much about it. But still, the trend is unbroken and is also becoming increasingly popular - a second home abroad or in the old homeland. This is often due to the fact that the emigrants do not want to reside with friends or family when they are visiting, but appreciate their retreat and keep it as security. But business also leads to more and more second homes in southern Europe.

Second home in Vienna

Way out of Vienna? For many unimaginable. However, sometimes it are the circumstances of life, the partner or simply the desire for warm weather, which nevertheless drive to move into warmer climes. Mallorca is a very popular spot, but even more so. Often emigrants who escape from the metropolis of Vienna do not give up everything and keep a little security in the hindquarters. A second home in Vienna can be quite interesting. Especially, one who moves to a small island, must expect that after a few years, the so-called "island scooter" begins. Many of the emigrants report about it and feel suddenly restricted. Anyone who needs a break from the island, has with a second home in the old homeland all possibilities.

The most popular Viennese residential districts are still Penzing, Ottakring or Margareten and Favoriten. In the last district, for example, in 2018 properties were most frequently searched. This of course has the reason that in this district still cheaper objects can be found.

second home

second home

The dream of owning your own home in Spain

The Austrians do not only love Croatia, but are also enthusiastic about Mallorca and Spain. The coastal regions of Mallorca are especially popular. Cala Ratjada, Cala Millor or Santa Ponsa attracts many emigrants. But also the hinterland has its charms and those who are looking for peace, is in good hands in Muro, Felantix or Manacor.

Anyone who has the opportunity and may also have business contacts in Mallorca will sooner or later have a second home on the island. So you can fulfill the dream of your own apartment in Mallorca and spend the winter months in mild climes.

Freelancers, in particular, who only need the Internet to make a living are here unbound and can live practically anywhere in the world. Not infrequently, they are drawn to the warmer regions of Europe to escape the cold and gray winter in Vienna.

second home

second home

Emigration on time

Another big trend is to emigrate on time. Anyone who has the opportunity to work or simply does a semester abroad usually does not sign up completely from Vienna, but retains a second home in the Austrian metropolis. Because with complete deregistration, health insurance via Austria would no longer be possible and, secondly, the income would have to be taxed in Spain.

With the second home, you always have the opportunity to study or work in another country for a while, without tax changes. However, there are certain rules when a time is spent abroad. These should be clarified in any case with the health insurance and the authorities.

Learn Spanish for the temporary journey to Spain

Of course, the language is a must for anyone who spends a long time in Spain. Even if you often get by with English or German in Majorca, there are also business partners who only speak Spanish. As a tourist, this is usually not a big problem. But if you want to build a business, without the Spanish language will have no chance. Even a home purchase, without the Spanish language skills, is almost impossible.

Here are some ways to learn the language. In addition to the popular courses that are offered at the adult education centers, there is also the possibility of a private teacher. There are also various Spanish courses on CD, which can be very helpful in some cases. Of course, which of the variants you prefer is up to you and individually. In principle, it is also advisable to explore the island and its regions before in order to discover the most beautiful place for themselves.

second home

second home

Holiday in Vienna

People who have emigrated keep returning to their homes, if only to go on vacation. So family and old friends can be visited and enjoy the culinary Viennese specialties. But not always the family has enough space and it is not possible to stay there. But even this is not a problem, as in Vienna a large selection of apartments is available, just waiting to be booked.

Maybe you would like to show your old home to Spanish friends and travel with friends in Vienna to show you the most beautiful corners of the city. Of course, Schönbrunn Palace is the center of attraction, but a visit to a famous Viennese coffee house should not be missed to get to know the special culture.

second home

Escape the summer in Mallorca

In the summer months, Mallorca is not exactly cool. Therefore, most emigrants flee in the months of July and August in the old homeland. This is usually more pleasant temperatures and especially for older people, the heat in Mallorca can be a major problem. Those who do not have air conditioning here often reach their limits.

For this reason, there are especially many seniors who have a second home in Vienna or in the vicinity of Vienna, so as not to undergo these strains. This is one of the reasons why secondary residences are becoming increasingly popular, especially since seniors prefer their old home when it comes to the treatment of illnesses. So they can easily fly to Austria to be treated by the well-known doctors.

There are many reasons for a second home. And everyone who has the opportunity should make use of it. That way you are always flexible, and if you need time off, you always have the opportunity to enjoy a little change of scenery and to recharge the batteries - whether by the sea or in the old home of Vienna.

second home

second home