More than just a sandwich...

Snack bars - they have a long tradition in Vienna, be it the legendary sausage or sandwiches. About the latter ones this article is about today, because there are some who have really cult status in Vienna. And also very passionate followers who would never eat sandwiches from another supplier.

Sandwiches, small bread or sliced bread with topping, there are many, and you get them at every bakery. But there are 3 names that you absolutely must know, because their sandwiches are simply classics and legendary in Vienna.

The unspeakable - Trzesniewski

The unspeakably good sandwiches are available at Trzesniewski. The name is due to the founder Franciszek Trzesniewski, a native of Krakow, who opened the first buffet in 1902. He also had the idea to crush all the toppings of the sandwiches so that they could be eaten "accident-free" and thanks to the special technique of applying the spread with forks, all sandwiches have their very own stripe look. So that you do not need plates or cutlery to eat the delicious sandwiches, he simply divided the big bread into small, handy pieces. Then the proper beer was added to the bread, also in small size as "Achterl".

Today, there are still 18 varieties that have been produced unchanged since the beginning. In addition new and seasonal creations have joined. What has also not changed, that they use only black bread.

Trzesniewski has specially developed a bread slicing machine to ensure that all bread pieces are the same size.

In the meantime, there are the unspeakable sandwiches all over Vienna, because 10 more branches have joined the regular restaurant in the center of Vienna. And you can take along or order the bread anyway.

Sandwiches from Trzesniewski are also a childhood memory for me. For my grandparents those sandwiches were always a fix part of various occasions and celebrations. And when I was with my grandfather in the city center, then a short stopover at Trzesniewski just belonged to it. 2 sandwiches and a tiny beer (for my grandfather) and well-fortified, it went on.

The absolute classic is "bacon with egg" (Speck mit Ei) so you can reach the website at if you do not want to remember

Sandwich of  Trzesniewski 

Sandwich of  Trzesniewski 

Sandwich of  Trzesniewski 

The opulent - Duran

Duran sandwiches are the next classics of sandwiches that are available in Vienna and have probably also the "most international" of the toppings.

The company was founded in 1966 and since then the Viennese simply enjoy them. Not only for solemn occasions or office meetings but also at any time in between. All in all, there are around 60 bread variations to choose from, from meat to fish to vegetarian and vegan, here everyone will find their favorite variety. And even with the "base" (= bread), there's a choice between white and grain bread. The sandwiches are lovingly prepared by the Sandwich Artists by hand.

In addition to the sandwiches, you will also get warm food and sweet creations in the snack bars.

You can also conveniently order online or just drop in at one of the 4 stores and taste through. Just visit the website and let yourself be tempted by culinary delights.

Sandwich of Duran 

Sandwich of Duran 

Sandwich of Duran 

The exclusive – Schwarzes Kameel

More than just a snack are the sandwiches of the Schwarzes Kameel. Exclusive, as there are no branches all over Vienna, the sandwiches are only available in the main restaurant in Bognergasse in the 1st district.

But if you can not make it into the city center and do not want to miss the fine sandwiches at your party, at home or in the office, then here are the good news, you can easily order it online and have it delivered.

But back to the restaurant itself, because here you meet after a Saturday stroll around the town to strengthen yourself or to let the walk dignified. The showcase with the sandwiches in the Kameel enjoys cult status among many. And here, in addition to the classics such as homemade ham, spicy red cabbage, lentil salad or tender fillet of herring with apple, many more creations are waiting. All created daily in loving handwork to home recipes. Some of these recipes still go back to the mother of the owner, who developed the recipes more than 50 years ago.

You can find out more about the delicious sandwiches on the website of the Schwarzes Kameel, but as already written, the personal tasting on site is even better.

Sandwich of Schwarzes Kameel 

Sandwich of Schwarzes Kameel 

Sandwich of Schwarzes Kameel 

Did I make you desire for more? What are your favorites? Write me in the comments which sandwiches you like best.