Oama Richson - Actor, musician and so much more

Oama Richson - actor, musician and so much more and moreover Viennese with all his heart. Therefore, I am so happy that today he is telling you more about his own versatile job, his personal career in Vienna and his personal life.

Maybe you have even seen Oama on television already, because with his band DAWA he would almost have participated in the Eurovision Songcontest.

Oama Richson - more than just an artist

Your name:  Oama Richson


Your profession

Actor, musician and promotion manager -

Currently I am playing in the oldest theater in Vienna, the theater in der Josefstadt, in "Die kleine Füchse" of Lilian Hellman. With my band DAWA, I already release our third album "(r) e a c h" on 07.11.2016 in the Theater Akzent.

In my spare time, I am currently building up an artist and promotion agency.

Where were you born?

in Vienna


What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you get the idea doing this?

The specialty of my profession: Versatility. What I like about it is to be creative, to create something and to leave marks and in the context of my professional activity this is either a survival or a privilege. I am very grateful for both experiences and I am glad that it has become more and more a privilege for me.

The way to this profession is a process which is by no means linear and also strongly characterizes the personality.

Do you have a typical day?

Hahaha Unfortunately, no. Only Tuesday and Wednesday remain the same. One day is a rehearsal, on the other I teach drums and African drum. Everything else is more or less spontaneous planning and the entropy of the universe. Oh, one more: there is always breakfast..

Something special I remember....

Special is what remains in memory! But yes, my first two trips to Malasia and to Nigeria. The events there have been overturing... In my opinion travel is education and every person should break out of his habitual zone.

As an European you should one day travel to a developing country.

Oama Richson musician

Oama Richson - part of Dawa

3 words that describe me

positive, active, dreamish

Why I like living in Vienna ...

"Weils leiwand is." For all non-Viennese: Because I am, like most Viennese, very satisfied with my environment. The educational and career opportunities are great, the people are cool and Vienna is as the second largest German-speaking city in the world a kind of melting point.

What do you like about the city?

Vienna has already been voted as the city with the world's highest quality of life for the third time. Surrounded by lots of green areas and populated with a variety of parks and recreational areas, Vienna is a city of millions with a feel-good character.

The city is rich in history and has many historically valuable buildings and objects and has so many interesting people and possibilities in itself. Merely on the networking of all of this it could work on. But right here I see a task for me. For a world city of this character, Vienna is certainly very life-friendly, safe, social and has a very diverse cultural offer to show.

Oama's tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

Take your time for Vienna. There are the Thursday jam sessions in the WIRR and Loop, parties in the Pratersauna and in the Grelle Forelle, Beisltouren at the Gürtel, for bad weather the art or natural history museum on the Ringsraße ... There is so much!

My favourite place in Vienna …

The national park in Lobau, beautiful cycle paths, peace and good for swimming and the historical Türkenschanzpark in the 18th district.

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

The "Verde" in the 8th district, they offer good regional and organic food.


Oama Richson working at theater Josefstadt