Old Paper New Life

Kevin Geronimo Brandtner - an interesting sounding name for an artist.Very special are also his works of art as he brings old paper to new life. But let we tell Kevin Geronimo by himself what he creates with paper, scissors and glue.

Your name: Kevin Geronimo Brandtner


Your profession and work

I am a 26 years old student (classical archaeology) and collage artist.

Analog works arise from old books, newspapers and paper from the period between 1850-1960. Only paper, scissors and glue are used, real analog work, nothing is changed or added on a computer. That is how from lots of old paper, something that nearly noone looks at the flea markets, a completely new work of art is created.

The collages itself can e.g. be bought as a limited print. But also smaller things where you can see my collages are available such as post cards, bottle openers, small mirrors, T-shirts and much more.

In addition I work together with artists from the whole world on projects and also started 2 collage projects just right now on my own where more than 100 artists worldwide are involved. Those works of art will be sent by post and then edited directly, so again, no digital work is involved.

Where were you born?

In beautiful Vienna!






What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you get the idea doing this?

With the collages I started in 2013, you could say it just happened. I have no artistic experience or education, it was just one evening where I sat down to my desk and started cutting papers. Like out of nothing Papiergedanken (Paper thoughts) was born.

In the beginning, when I first presented my works of art at art and design markets I just wanted to see if the people like it and what they think about it. In the meantime Papiergedanken has become a large part of my life that forms each day anew.

The special thing is to allow creativity its full bent, to grow beyond my personal limits and also to trigger something in the people who see my work. Everyone shall find his very personal story while contemplating the collage. I the love to hear those stories and with them find new facets of my work.

Also the further development of my style is really exciting if you work together with artists from other countries that have a different approach to the work. In that way I have already discovered new sides of myself and could develop even further which I personally think is important. An ongoing creative process is essential and so wonderful.

Do you have a typical day?


There is no typical day. Things are happening constantly and this motivates me too, so it never gets boring.

Might it be something creative, sad, interpersonal, beautiful.... everything contributes to my creativity.





3 words that describe me

humorous, chaotic, adventurous

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Vienna is a city that offers you everything and at the same time can surprise you again and again.

I like living here because of the people, the nature, the creativity from people of all countries of the world.

I live here because I am rooted here and all I love is here too. Vienna is a city full of life and that brings many adventures and some nonsense with it. You really have to get to know its people and you will never stop loving this city.

What do you like about the city?

Especially its people. For example the typical grumpy comfy waiter at the Cafe Ritter.

Conversations with strangers at 3 am in the morning in the subway or just having a short chat with the neighbour in the court.

Also the new kind of art and creativity, the young people that want to change and create things is so great to observe. The old buildings and furniture in the Viennese Cafes from former times - this is it that makes up the city.

Vienna has so many facets that it is really difficult to put everything in words, but everyone who knows Vienna knows why he loves this city.







Kevins' tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

If you want to experience the Viennese way of life enjoy the typical old Viennese coffe houses like the Cafe Ritter on Mariahilferstraße or just stroll through the side streets of the Mariahilferstraße which will always suprise you anew, might it be street art or small,special shops.

Talking to other people and best, just ask the people who life here what their tipps are.

There are so many events and things worth seeing that is not written in the guide books.

My favourite place in Vienna …

My co-working atelier, Lobau, Cafes, flea markets..... oh there are so many beautiful places all over the city!

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

Café Ritter, Das Käuzchen



A truely amazing artist. More about Kevin and his works of art you can find on his website Papiergedanken. There you can order the works of art too. And also follow him on Facebook to see more of his work.