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Update February 2020: Museum operations ceased in October 2019. Guided tours are therefore no longer possible. However, you can still purchase all products at the Wilhelmstraße 21 location.

In the middle of the 12th district in the Wilhelmstraße, formerly the most important connection on the way to Trieste, is the Old Viennese Schnapsmuseum. Gerald Fischer tells you today more about the museum, how it all began and why the production is so special.

Shortly introduce your museum...

In Wilhelmstrasse in Vienna 12 there is this small jewel that takes the visitor back to the imperial era. Absolutely authentic is the establishment of the office from 1902 with its roll desks and the huge cash register that came to us from America in 1914. Here the history of Vienna, from the imperial period until today, is told humorously based on our family chronicle.

In the 2nd building, the visitor enters the composition room. Here it looks like in an old pharmacy with many old bottles and vessels. The visitor is asked to recognize smells and experiences, again very humorous, everything worth knowing about schnapps and liqueurs.

In the distillation room dominates the huge copper distillation plant, which is operated by steam. This innovation was presented at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Next to the copper kettles is the bar, where our visitors can taste all the liquors and schnapps to their heart's content. For teetotalers, there's our all-natural raspberry juice that started it all.

What makes your museum so unique?

It is absolutely authentic, like in a time machine. The guide is interesting and very entertaining. The tasting of our high-quality spirits or our homemade raspberry juice completes the experience.

How did you get the idea to start this museum?

Since 1902 nothing has changed. To stay in business we would have to drastically modernize or just make a museum out of it.

Old Viennese Schnapsmuseum destillery

Alt Wiener Schnapsmuseum Verkostung BarOld Viennese Schnapsmuseum taste room

Alt Wiener Schnapsmuseum KompositionsraumOld Viennese Schnapsmuseum composition room

Why did you choose Vienna as location?

Because we are based here in Meidling since 1875.

Is there something special abou the location of your museum?

The museum is located in Wilhelmstrasse, once the most important connection from Vienna to Trieste.

Please tell us more about the history of your museum …

The fruit juice and spirits production was founded in 1875 at the present location. In the 80s the situation for small shops and the spirit producing business became very fierce, it no longer allowed the traditional, manual production using only natural products. Cheap and bulk were the criteria for supermarkets.

Instead of closing the business in 1990, Gerald Fischer, the fifth generation, decided to leave everything as it was and make the historic family business accessible to the public.

3 words that describe your museum ...

Cultural entertainment & historical taste 

Where is your museum located?

In the Wilhelmstrasse 19 in 1120 Vienna

Near the Schönbrunn Palace

Gerald Fischers personal Vienna insights

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Because it is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world where enjoyment and joie de vivre are important.

What do you like about the city?

The unique downtown and the Viennese charm

My personal Vienna tip …

The Old Viennese Schnapsmuseum and the Vienna Prater

My favorite place in Vienna ...

The Zoo Schönbrunn

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

Restaurant Eisvogel on the terrace.

Alt Wiener Schnapsmuseum Familie FischerOld Viennese Schnapsmuseum Family Fischer