Olga Wegner - oriental dancer in Vienna

I met Olga more than a year ago, when she joined us in the Yoga & Pilates studio GesundheitLernen. As a teacher of Orienatlian dance. From the beginning, I was simply thrilled with her passion for dance, her warm, funny way. And now she introduces herself here in the blog..

Your name

Olga Wegner

Your offer

I am a fitness trainer and belly dance teacher. Originally I worked in the pharmacy, which I do not do anymore. In autumn I will do more training - fitness for seniors. I am very curious how it will be, because I'm so dynamic myself, and if I imagine slowing everything down, that can be challenging.

Where were you born?

1978 in Uzbekistan, in the capital Tashkent. So a long time ago. After that I was in Germany for 20 years and now I'm in Vienna

What is special about your activity? What do you like about it?

My passion is the oriental dance. But it was just coincidence how everything started. I saw a video, took a towel and just tried it on, in a bikini. My mom was there. She was "shocked" and said you have to learn that, you have talent. There I was about 20 years. At first I thought, that can't be the truth, but Mama already saw what I was not seeing at that time. Then I watched a few more videos and noticed that I enjoy it a lot. So I went to a teacher. I also met her by chance. That was very funny because I just met her in a restaurant. That was a sign for me, I have to learn that. I learned a lot from her and started teaching for almost 15 years. I really enjoyed that, I organized shows, there was something going on.

Within the fifteen years I have also made numerous training and further education, but all in the same direction - dance. Persian dance, Roma dance, some ballet. I also tried flamenco, but that was not mine.

Then I took a break in Vienna for 2 years and actually wanted to stop teaching. Until I realized I miss that, I'm losing it. So I started again and then met you (note: the team of GesundheitLernen).

Olga - orientalische Tänzerin in Wien

Olga - orientalische Tänzerin in Wien

How would you describe your dance style?

I do the classical oriental dance, but rather a European one. If you are going to Saudi Arabia or Egypt you will hardly see this kind of dance and then European women will dance it. Because what is danced there is rather traditional. That's a different style. It takes place more in one place, is more earthy, very gentle.

I do what most Europeans do, a healthy mix between tradition and Europe. That is why the whole classical oriental dance is called that way and there are also many elements from the ballet with it.

And yes, there are also men who dance a lot.

Is there a typical day?

I have my routines, pretty neat. Always gymnastics in the morning, even if I wake up too late. I'd rather not get my hair done, but gymnastics must be 10 minutes at least, but mostly 30. 10 minutes only if I'm really in a hurry. So I already have routines, certain things are repeated every day.

And then there are things that have to be different, otherwise it gets boring.

Something that I remember especially ... (anecdote, experience, ...)

What I still remember very well is the championship 2013 in Germany. That was a huge stress for me, but a positive stress. I was glad that it was over then. Of course I wanted to get the first place, but it was ok to get the second one.

And then the first appearance, in an Indian restaurant, I was so nervous. But since then I thought, I can and it will continue.

I have also remembered my shows a lot, I still love to watch the videos.

3 words that describe me

Funny, disciplined, philosophical

Olga's Vienna tipps

Why do I like to live in Vienna?

I love Vienna, it's wonderful here. It was coincidence that we came here. But I realized that I like the people, the weather, the culture and the big city flair.

My personal Vienna tipp ...

Go to GesundheitLernen and learn oriental dance.

Very nice are the Volksgarten and Schönbrunn

 My favorite place in Vienna ...

The Danube, but the quiet places


Flower gardens Hirschstetten

Donauturm, because from here you really see all of Vienna and also move and not just stay in one place. 

My favorite place in Vienna ...

Cafe Central, otherwise being at home 

More about Olga

Do you now like to learn oriental dance with Olga? Then on the 4th of July you will have the possibility at GesundheitLernen on Thursdays from 17h to 18h. The advanced course is always on Tuesday from 17h - 18h

More about Olga and her engagments you can find on her Facebooksite Olliya Vindobonovna

And in the end, I also have a video for you, that I recentl filmed at our street festival in Hernals.