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OM Yogatela. A sounding name for a passionate project. What OM Yogatela is, and what "Integrated, Fair, Colorful" is all about, will Theresa Gigov, initiator of OM Yogatela tell you in today’s blog article.

Your name

Theresa Gigov

Your activity and passion (one of the many)

OM Yogatela yoga stuff with social impact.

Where were you born?

Würzburg, DE

What is so special about OM Yogatela?

OM Yogatela makes yoga accessories that have a direct social benefit.

All our products are made by women with a migration background as part of an integration project in Vienna.

For our first Limited Edition we are pleased to use colorful fabrics from Guatemala. They are woven there by women's communes and family associations. We are very happy about the cooperation with Guate Stoffe!

Our monochrome fabrics are all made from organic cotton and GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). Most of our accessories, such as straps, cords and zippers, are made of recycled material.

Each product is a unique piece and handmade. Every year there will be a Limited Edition with new fabrics from other countries - the same thing remains that the products have a direct social impact.

OM Yogatela

OM Yogatela

What do you like about this project so much?

Working with people with a migrant background to make sense, to make yogis aware that yoga goes beyond the edge of the mat to be creative.

The products and more about OM Yogatela can be found on the website.

How did you get the idea for it?

About talking to my husband, also a yogi

Is there a typical day?

No, every day is different. That's what makes it so exciting.

Something that I remember, one special moment...

The joy of migrant women in the sewing workshop to create these products.

3 words that describe me

Yogi, Open Heart, Organized

OM Yogatela

Theresa's personal insights

Why do you like to live in Vienna?

Because Vienna has everything you want; Nature, culture, enjoyment, great colorful people, etc.

What is so special about Vienna for you?

The diversity.

My personal Vienna tip...

Visit the city from above - Sunrise on the Jubiläumswarte!! Gigantic, as this great city slowly comes to life!

My favorite place in Vienna ...

Many many many ... eg central cemetery in Vienna (sounds weird, but it is so), Pötzleinsdorfer castle park, MQ, Jubiläumswarte, Gänsehäufel, .... 

My favorite restaurant in Vienna ...

Many too! But at the forefront is the 1070 in the 7th district!

OM Yogatela

OM Yogatela