On time travel through Vienna

In the middle of Vienna's city center you can go on an exciting journey through Vienna. From the Romans to today's Vienna. Where? This I will tell you today in the blog.

Time Travel Vienna. I hve already read a lot about it, guests of us have already told me about it a couple of times, but I had not managed to get there until now. But a few days ago I had the opportunity and finally went to see Time Travel Vienna.

So what awaits you in the old walls under the Viennese city center?

Time Travel Vienna

From dinosaurs to the Vienna of today

Time Travel Vienna 5D cinema

The tour, it takes about 1 hour, starts with a brief introduction of the Austrian history, in a very humorous way. After that, one of the absolute highlights awaits you: the 5D cinema, where you are on an interactive time trip from Vienna at the time the dinosaurs lived here to the Roman period until the time of the Turkish invasion.

So if I could decide, this cinema experience could take much longer. It was really impressive.

After the cinema, it continues with Austrian history. In an audience with the Emperor, you will learn more about the Habsburgs and the monarchy. Afterwards it is all about dancing, so to say waltzing "Alles Walzer" and you can already look forward to a very special sound experience.

You leave the virtual ballroom in good spirits and look at a darker chapter of Austrian history, the two world wars. An air-raid bunker was reproduced here and an air attack is simulated. Even if you know that it is only a simulation, a depressed feeling remains. When I have looked at the other participants, everyone has left the room quite thoughtfully. I think everyone here has the same desire that such warlike times lie behind us forever.

Time Travel Vienna - audience with the emperor

Time Travel Vienna - Alles Walzer

Time Travel Vienna - Johann Strauß

Time Travel Vienna - music is in the air

But the end of the tour will make sure that you can leave this feeling where it belongs: in the past. In the end they take you on a magical ride with the Fiaker through Vienn (or over? you have to find it out by yourself).

The tour really passed so quickly. I really enjoyed it much and it gave me interesting impressions of Austrian history.

Time Travel Vienna - with the Fiaker through Vienna

Time Travel Vienna - an experience for the whole family

The tour itself is in German, but thanks to the free audio guides you get a translation in 10 languages. So if you want to get a brief overview of the history of Vienna and Austria, Time Travel Vienna is definitely a good choice. And also an ideal point of interest if the weather in Vienna is not so nice.

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