On tour with Sabrina - a personal review


In April Sabrina has already introduced herself here in the blog and also told a bit about their "I-do-it-differently" tours exploring Vienna.

In the meantime, I have now taken part in two such tours and have now prepared a personal review for you. One thing I can already tell you upfront I really look forward to the next tours, because with Sabrina you really discover places, shops and facets of Vienna, which otherwise you might have overlooked.

From downtown to the suburbs

My first tour in which I took part led us from the 9th district from Schottentor directly to the 18th district. And in between we visited many interesting places and shops. The first tip can already reveal to you as this shop inspired me a lot: the Ladenkonzept, just a few meters away from Schottentor.

If you are you looking for special gifts, souvenirs or just beautiful things, all handmade and unique, then you are here at the Ladenkonzept realls in the right place. What I can also tell you is, that soon you will read more about the Ladenkonzept here in the blog. For now, just remember that there is this shop and if you are in this area do not miss to drop in.


Mode Neubauer

Our route then continued forward to Währingerstraße to the Weltcafe and Weltladen. After a short coffee, we went to the 18th district where our next stop brought us to fair, biological clothing.

After that, food, vegetables and fruits were the topic as we headed over to the Kutschkermarkt to explore this area closer.

Since it was already around noon this was perfect, because after a few shops we then let the tour end with coffee, cake and interesting conversations.


Around the Naschmarkt

My second tour brought me to the 4th district in the area around the Naschmarkt. We started with a comfortble breakfast in the Vollpension, a very special coffeehouse about which I will tell you more in a later blogpost.

Full and satisfied then headed towards the Naschmarkt, with a short stopover in a really great coffee roaster, Alt Wien where we could taste a fantastically good espresso. Coffee always goes.

Brunch in Vollpension 

Sabrina in Vollpension

Coffe roaster Alt Wien

And then we were already at the Naschmarkt. This market is well known far beyond the borders of Vienna and is also a very popular place to go for visitors of Vienna.

The offer here of fruits, vegetables, small shops, restaurants, delicacies and other fine things is endless. But this also makes it easy to overlook one or the other "treasure".

Our first stop was a small spice shop with an infinite range of spices and an owner who can tell you all abou the effect, use and much more of any spice. For me, since I love to cook, a wonderful shop.

Next we went to handmade soaps, about which you will read here soon too, because they are also very special, and afterwards to a shop that truly can be called a paradise for chocoholics. Last stop on the Naschmarkt was then an organic bakery where we could try the selfmade quinoa bread.

After that we left the bustle of Naschmarkt behind us and visited two more stores, a farm shop and a shoe store that offers brands of companies that produce sustainable leather shoes as far as possible.

vegan shoes 

Alles Seife on Naschmarkt

chocolate heaven

More info...

Full with new impressions, inspirations and tips I came back from this tour too. I really look forward to the next opportunity to explore Vienna with Sabrina.

The great thing is really that you discover with her shops and restaurants, you usually do not find in the guide books, but that make Vienna so charming.

In most stores small samples wait for you, you can look behind the scenes or even try something creating by yourself, such as in the soap factory in another tour

So if you want to discover new facets of Vienna, then the tours of Sabrina are perfect for you. All other information about the tours can be found on her website. Or just write her an email to and let her put together your own personal tour.