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organic - fair - co2-neutral - the first Foodbike in Vienna

How difficult can it be to open a mobile snack stand? that's what Kristina Eggers and Patrick Bubna-Litic thought in summer 2019. And founded the green duke & the healthy duchess, Vienna's first food bike. It was challenging, but in the end you can now enjoy their wonderful food and drinks. Today in the blog, the two of them tell you more about their very special company.

In a few words, please present us your offer ...

As the green duke & the healthy duchess, we operate the first mobile gastronomy on the FoodBike, with CO2-neutral organic dishes and organic fair long drinks that are prepared on site.

What makes your offer so special?

The e-bike converted into a food bike is fully charged with green electricity and operated by the integrated batteries. Together with Mindful Mission, we set up a project to be able to calculate the CO2 balance for all ingredients in our dishes. Filled pita breads and salads are offered. It was important to us not only to make our work as climate-neutral as possible, but also to show our customers that every meal causes CO2 emissions. This is offset by support for climate protection projects in India, Peru and Bangladesh.

When it comes to long drinks, in addition to organic labeling, we pay particular attention to Fairtrade-certified ingredients. For example, the gin, rum and even vodka come from Fairtrade-certified manufacturers, while the lemonades come from Lemonaid.

In addition to the organic certification of all ingredients and the Fairtrade gastronomy partnership, our start-up is also part of the “Naturally good food” program of the City of Vienna to promote sustainable food and drinks and has been awarded the gold seal.

How did you come up with the idea for this food bike?

As former Fairtrade employees, sustainability has always been a big issue. Above all, the question arose as to why there is still no restaurant that compensates for all the CO2 emissions of the individual ingredients of the dishes on offer. Usually only the transport routes or office operations are compensated. We wanted to test whether it is possible to calculate and compensate for all the ingredients in a dish. And lo and behold - it works!

Why did you choose Vienna as a location?

Vienna is a lively and also very progressive city. Our concept is primarily designed for urban life and is particularly interesting due to the increasing demand for sustainable food options. The local recreation areas are particularly exciting for gastronomy, as there is hardly any gastronomic offer on the Danube Island, for example.

Is there anything special to report about your company location?

Companies can also book the FoodBike for lunch, after-works or company celebrations. The start-up is also available for private parties. We only need a place to park our bike - we take care of the rest.


copyright: thegreenduke


copyright: thegreenduke

Briefly tell us the story of your company ...

How difficult can it be to open a mobile snack stand? we - Kristina Eggers and Patrick Bubna-Litic - thought in summer 2019. A year later it turns out: pretty difficult. Because we did not expect Corona. We former Fairtrade employees quit our jobs in January 2020 in order to concentrate fully on self-employment. The idea: to sell CO2-neutral food, beer, wine and bio-fair long drinks straight from the electric bike. And best of all on the Danube Island.

Founding a company in times of Corona is a challenge. But also an opportunity. Because now that many summer vacations abroad fall into the water, the local recreation areas in Vienna are particularly in demand. Due to Corona, the whole establishment and approval process has been postponed extremely. And of course there were strong doubts as to how useful it is to open a restaurant now. But we've got so much positive feedback that we just want to give it a try. A great success was the approval for the sale on the Danube Island. The kick-off on July 4th was a complete success. We were completely sold out and the positive feedback really motivated us.

3 words that describe your company ...

Organic, fair, co2-neutral

Where can you be visited?

Daily from 3 p.m. on the Danube Island at barbecue area 8. The current stands are updated daily on the website, Instagram and Facebook.




the green duke & the healthy duchess - tips for Vienna

Why do you like to live in Vienna?

Because of the various leisure activities and the big city flair, which at the same time exudes a cosiness.

What is so special for you about Vienna?

The different people, the hidden places, the old buildings

Your personal Vienna tip ...

The “Bockshorn” pub is the oldest pub in Vienna. Small but nice :)

Your favorite place in Vienna ...

The Danube Island

Your favorite bar in Vienna ...

The Figar in the 7th district