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Paint your souvenir - experience Vienna creatively

Paint your souvenir - that made me curious, because at first I could not imagine what it could be when a friend told me about it. But then I contacted Melanie, the founder, directly, looked at the website and was blown away by the idea and the opportunity to experience Vienna creatively. That's why I asked Melanie to tell you more about this great offer here on the blog.

Please briefly present your offer ...

I'm Melanie Eckl-Kerber, the founder of the start-up Art Adventure. We offer painting workshops in exceptional places in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. NEW this year: under the motto "Paint Your Souvenir" we paint Vienna's most beautiful sights and famous people with tourists (but also locals).

What makes your offer so special?

Have you ever painted on the observation deck of the Danube Tower, in the central cemetery or in front of the Ferris wheel? These are just a few of our great locations where we paint with our guests: the Viennese skyline in watercolor on the Danube Tower, Karlskirche, Belvedere, Gloriette or the Ferris wheel with a direct view of the motif and we paint Mozart, Beethoven or Falco directly at the central cemetery at their last resting places. Our professional artists explain the motif step by step and speak all languages from English to Turkish and Russian to Farsi. No previous knowledge is required and all necessary material is also provided on site. With our offer you can experience Vienna creatively, get active yourself and in the end have a handmade souvenir that you can take home with you.

How did you get the idea to start this business?

In Vienna there are not many offers for tourists where they can become active themselves and produce something themselves. "Paint Your Souvenir" is certainly something new and innovative that was missing, we cover here as a gap in the market. I myself love working with people and I am always happy when someone who explained at the beginning of my workshop how untalented he / she wasn't at the end of the day painted a wonderful picture and is simply proud of himself / herself..

Paint your Souvenir

Paint your Souvenir

Why did you choose Vienna as your location?

Vienna is such a beautiful city and has so much to offer. There are matching motifs on every corner. I also got great feedback from the Viennese tourists and I was able to conclude many great cooperations - another sign that an offer like mine was simply missing in Vienna.

Is there anything special to about your company location?

At the moment we have cooperations with around 30 really cool and sometimes very unusual locations (from the Schallaburg to the Lamahof and from the Hermes Villa to the former coffin factory) - our company location is therefore where our customers are.

Briefly tell us the story of your company ...

Art Adventure was founded in 2019 as a start-up. We offer 3 pillars: on the one hand, open painting workshops in which the motif always fits the location (we paint ships on the bathing ship, lamas on the lama courtyard and the abstract in a studio) - we also offer our Art Adventures exclusively for closed groups: from team building for companies, over (children's) birthday parties to hen parties. The third pillar "Paint Your Souvenir" was created this year during the lockdown and has only been on the market since July 2020.

3 words that describe your company ...

Innovative - creative - experience

Where can one book your offer?

Our workshops can best be booked via or We are also very well represented on all platforms and on social media.

Paint your Souvenir

Paint your Souvenir

Melanie's tips for Vienna

Why do I like to live in Vienna?

Vienna is pure inspiration for me: different styles, people, tastes - I love this diversity

My personal Vienna tip ...

Vienna is the city of music and art: in no other city can you watch great concerts and exhibitions and enjoy art in many different ways. And now get active yourself and paint your own souvenir.

My favorite place in Vienna…

The Danube Canal with all its graffiti has a special attraction for me, but there are also countless picturesque little squares and streets in Vienna that are just waiting to be discovered.

My favorite restaurant in Vienna…

I love roof-top bars, of which there are countless in Vienna, but also places like the Danube Tower, from which you can enjoy the view of Vienna. But I also prefer all the coffee houses and sidewalk gardens.

Paint your Souvenir

Paint your Souvenir

Update from me (Stephanie) after I participated myself ...

Now I have attended a Paint Your Souvenir event myself. It was a super fine afternoon and the 2 hours we spent at the Belvedere went by in a flash. Diana our "teacher" had a lot of patience with all of our artistic questions and helpless looks. In the end, something really nice came out of it, and for my debut I'm absolutely satisfied with it.

Belvedere Original

Belvedere - the original

Stephanie Version of the Belvedere

Belvedere - Stephanie's version