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Parking in Vienna

Parking in Vienna is, well, almost a science of its own. But with some information you can get along well and can park your car completely relaxed.

Short-stay parking zones in Vienna

In general in the whole city of Vienna parking is charged from Monday to Friday (holidays excluded) and limited in time - short-term parking zones. The short-term parking zones apply from 9 am to 10 pm and you are allowed to park for a maximum of 2 hours.

Different rules apply in many Viennese shopping streets and around the Wiener Stadthalle, but this is separately labeled.

Another special feature are the residents' parking spaces, which are signposted separately. In some districts there are parking areas specially reserved for residents. You can not park here even with a valid parking ticket and the zones are also valid on weekends and public holidays.

The short-term parking zones are always marked at the entrance area of ​​the respective district with a blue ground marking and corresponding signs.

To be completely sure, which rules apply around your apartment, ask your host. He can give you the best information. Many hosts also offer the possibility to rent a parking space in addition to the apartment. Use for that the detail search filter on

In order to park in a short-term parking zone, you have to fill in a parking ticket. If you only park for a very short time, then there is a 15-minute free parking ticket, which may not be combined with other parking tickets. For all longer stays there are parking tickets to 30 minutes, 1h, 1,5h and 2h. But remember to pay attention to the maximum time you are allowed to park. If you use several parking tickets, then you have to enter the same starting time for each.

Parking tickets are available from

  • Tobacco shops
  • many cigarette machines
  • Filling stations
  • Wiener Linien (Vienna Transport Authority) ticket offices
  • Wiener Linien ticket machines
  • Via Handyparken (mobile phone parking ticket service)

Parking in garages

Public garages

If you prefer to park your car in a garage, then you will find public parking garages of different operators throughout Vienna. An overview of where the next one is on

Park & Ride

A speciality among the garages are the Park & Ride garages. These are located on the outskirts of Vienna and are directly connected to public transport. And the daily tariff of currently EUR 3.6 is unbeatable.


But there are not only the public garages, but also in many homes garages for the residents. And there are often places that are not used. At least so far, because this fact has been picked up by the company PAYUCA and now allows you to use such parking lots. Just download the app and you'll see where the nearest free parking space is. By the way, you can reserve it in advance.

So if you're traveling by car in Vienna, always look well on the signs, take with you the information booklet for the parking zones and you can park your car safely and relaxed.

Fees and prices you can find in the article are valid on 02/2022.

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