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With the relaunch of the website, we also decided to restart the blog that already existed on and fill it with fresh topics and formats. This I already announced you shortly in my first blog post.

Currently, it is here a bit quiet, but soon you will get at this place a lot of exciting and interesting insights into Vienna and its people.

Because as a guest in an apartment you dive more into everyday life in Vienna, see parts of the city that you have not previously found in the guide, will experience many new and interesting faces of Vienna.

Therefore, you will read bout many facets of Vienna that make this city so special and unique.


Exciting blog series are waiting ...



But Vienna is not only known for arts and culture, but also developed a very lively fashion scene. Again, there are exciting stories to tell and discover.

What of course should not be missed is the culinary aspect, because Vienna is the only city after even a kitchen style is named. We therefore look chefs at their work over the shoulder, reveal many kitchen secrets and dig one or the another recipe from grandma's cookbook.

So what is it, that you can look forward to?

I have thought about a few blog series for you to show you the diversity of our beautiful city:

There are many well-known (and well visited) places and locations all over the city. But Vienna has so much more to offer and will you read this in the series unusual places and bizarre facts about Vienna.

In the series artist portraits I present you artists and creative people from Vienna and why they are so fascinated of Vienna.


The series Viennese originals - Viennese faces focuses on people you might meet during your stay in Vienna. More is not yet revealed, but it will give you definitely exciting insights into the daily lives of people in Vienna.

Matching to this blog series, I will also present you typical Viennese companies producing very special, unique or unusual products. Then you really have a very special souvenir from Vienna.

For one or another special topic I will also invite guest bloggers, so that they report you about their Vienna


And finally, I will also write you regularly about my favorite places in Vienna, news from the city, travel inspirations and more.

Do you have topics about which you would like to read here on the blog? Would you like to contribute something in the blog? Then just write me an email.

Greetings, Stephanie