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Recently on the Yppenplatz

When were you last at the Yppenplatz? I was there last week and was amazed how fast the scenery of the evening had changed in the last 2 years!

The evening also hosted the open-air Volxkino at Yppenplatz, which gave the whole an extra momentum of lived urbanism.

The seats in the cinema, as well as in the restaurants and bars were occupied to the last place. With t-shirt and flip-flops or shirt and suit.

We started our little "Ziager" (stroll around) through the really trendy quarter on the terrace of the wine bar Truksitz, the cheese with fig mustard dressing was delicious, 2 kinds of bread there also. And if I had not had meetings the next day, I would certainly have tested some of the delicious wine varieties.

After the visit to the wine bar, my Albanian friend from Ottakring showed me some more insider places, and honestly, I felt like I was on vacation.

Meanwhile green and beautifully grown in the center of the Yppenplatz is a basketball court, a table tennis table, and a spacious playground. For all is taken care, and no worries, the locations were frequented. The "Diversity" lived here is astonishingly cosmopolitan, as I said, a bit of a holiday in the middle of your own city, great.

Our next stop was the cafe "FRIDA", you could still sit outside, a delicious menu in an extremely attractive atmosphere, really come here, from Monday to Sunday 9 am-12 pm. Whether you take the vegan sweet potato carbonara with babies spinach or the figflame cake with mozzarella in the savoy cabbage herbs, all remains up to you.

If you would like to get an overview of the busy Yppenplatz from above, the "WIRR" restaurant located right at the corner Brunnengasse / Yppenplatz is recommended. Of course, the rooftop terrace are coveted there, but maybe you can visit the Yppenplatz if it is not quite as busy as on the balmy evenings.

Or you recommend your guests a visit to the trendy Ottakring district as a whole.

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Now I wish you all a great summer and look forward to giving you some more insider tips for Vienna.