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Today I start with the first interview from the series "people in Vienna". I have already written you recently that soon here in the blog you will get to know many interesting people, locations, companies, offers, and much much more.

The beginning now makes Sabrina Haupt from "Ich mach es anders".

In the future you will read more about the topic of a sustainable life here by her. 

For today she will introduce herself and already shares a few insiders' tips with you.

Sabrina Haupt

Your name: Sabrina Haupt

Your work and offer

I am a blogger focusing o the topic sustainability and are a tour provider. I offer tours to Viennese companies that really emphasise the topic sustainability to show that this has nothing to do with waiving anything but is an enrichment to all our lives.

Where were you born?


What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you got the idea doing this?

When I started my blog about the topic sustainability in July 2014 I was thinking about how I can bring my enthusiasm and my experiences with this also to other people. This was when I created the I do it differently tours. What is so special for me about my work, that what started as a personal passion is now my profession, to show other people how fulfilling a sustainable life can be.

Do you have a typical day?


3 words that describe me

communicative, happy, purposeful

Why I like living in Vienna ...

One reason is that I was born here. The other thing is Vienna is such a liveable city that has so many exciting things to offer.

What do you like abou the city?

Its cultural diversity.

Sabrina Haupt - ich mach es anders

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Sabrina's tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

The Theobaldgasse in the 6th district

My favourite place in Vienna …

Lainzer Tiergarten

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …


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